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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Nanny State - Teaching kids how to walk home

The Nanny State.
The Federal Government has spent one billion dollars to teach children how to walk home. . . . a skill children somehow managed on their own for thousands of years.

The Bi-Partisan Nanny State  -  Both parties joined together to re-distribute the wealth in order to teach children how to walk home from school.
  • Your tax dollars are being spent by fucking morons.
  • This utterly insane waste of tax dollars started in 2005 with a Republican Congress and a Republican President.
  • The equally insane Democrats were more than happy to keep the spending going.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is looking to distribute $6 million of federal funding to help kids walk home from school. 

The federal government has spent about a billion dollars on this since 2005, and many schools across Wisconsin have embraced the program. The Wisconsin DOT has a 48 page workbook available on its website to help schools develop their own programs.

Thanks to The Libertarian Republican for this story.

Point #6  -  The truth and nothing but the truth.
I strongly feel 80% of Republicans are RINOs.  I give no credit at all to local Republican legislators in cutting state spending for one reason:  States can't print money out of thin air so they have to cut spending.  When tax money was rolling in during the economic boom, Republicans had zero interest in cutting spending and they grew government.
At the Federal level where money can be printed the GOP House quivers in fear at doing jack about shit.  The GOP House will not cut spending, freeze spending or even freeze the hiring of new employees.  They punt the ball to the Democrats (see point #1).

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