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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Israel buys nuke capable German sub

One of the Israeli Navy’s German-made submarines.

Israel is building up their fleet including new German made subs

  • With four nuclear missiles on each sub,  Israel is able to strike any point on Iranian territory.

Last week Israel received its fourth German-made submarine capable of launching nuclear warheads, expanding a fleet that experts say could be used in an attack on Iran.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that the submarine would increase Israel’s capabilities and strength “in the face of the growing regional challenges.”
The Dolphin-type military submarine is one of six Israel has ordered from Germany, which subsidizes the submarines. Each submarine costs half a billion dollars. The sub was presented to Israeli officials in Hamburg, Germany, this last Thursday and is expected to arrive in Israel in 2013, following final tests.

Israel is already in possession of three other German-made Dolphin-class submarines capable of carrying nuclear-tipped missiles. However, there is no evidence that Israel has armed them with such weapons and the country has never confirmed reports that it possesses a nuclear arsenal.
Israel believes Iran is developing nuclear weapons and has hinted that it is ready to strike Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent Tehran from making an atomic bomb. Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.     (Washington Post)

Israel has recently bought a new Dolphin-class submarine from Germany in order to prevent and defend itself from attacks due to mounting tension in the region.

In November 2011, the German government approved the sale of a sixth submarine to Israel, and it is currently preparing to sell three more at the cost of 700 million dollars per unit.

In the early 1990s, Germany built three Dolphin-class submarines with nuclear capability for Israel, all of which are based on the German Type 209 submarine design. Since 1998, all three submarines have been put into operation.

According to experts, each one of the three Dolphin submarines can be loaded with four nuclear missiles which can hit targets within 1500 kilometers. Firing from this distance, Israel is able to strike any point on Iranian territory. As the Dolphins are equipped with second strike capability, no matter whether Israel would be partially or totally eliminated in the event of a nuclear strike, it would be able to release a fatal counter-attack with its submarines.

These underwater vessels serve as deterrence to Iran to not to attack Israel with a nuclear bomb. This is, in effect, Israel's second-strike force, which is actually the Israeli army's most sophisticated and powerful weapon.


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