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Monday, May 28, 2012

24.9% Unemployment

24.9% teen unemployment and Big Government says:  "Screw you."
  • Countless millions are unemployed.
  • Both political parties fall all over themselves to import millions of brand new LEGAL immigrants to compete with American workers.
  • With one hand Congress pays Americans not to work, while importing foreigners with the other.

The Obama administration is going to great lengths to make sure some 100,000 foreign student workers being brought to this country are not disappointed and get summer jobs in America . . . . while Americans go unemployed.  Federal programs help foreigners get jobs in the U.S. with no thought given to American citizens.  Foreigners get to enter a U.S.-sponsored work-travel program.
Today, more than 50 ­million Americans of traditional working age are not employed, and yet a growing number of domestic jobs — from hotel clerks to nurses to computer scientists — are being performed by foreign-born workers.

Yes they do become Americans.  But there are billions of people in the world
and America cannot even find jobs for those born here.

Top Teen Unemployment

1) California 36.2%
2) South Carolina 31.2%
3) Rhode Island 29.8%
4) Washington 29.0%
5) Arizona 29.0%
6) Nevada 28.8%
7) Idaho 28.4%
8) North Carolina 28.2%
9) Missouri 27.7%
10) Louisiana 27.6%
** District of Columbia 51.7%

As summer break approaches and school seasons conclude, teens in California will have a more difficult time finding a job than their demographic counterparts in every other state, according to Census Bureau data released by the Employment Policies Institute.

With 36.2 percent of its teens unable to find employment, California leads all other states in teen unemployment — only the District of Columbia, with its 51.7 percent teen unemployment rate, surpasses the Golden State.

Overall, teen unemployment rose in 17 states and Washington, D.C., between April 2011 and April 2012, and fell in 32 states.
Nationally, the teen unemployment rate stands at 24.9 percent, and has averaged above 20 percent for over 40 months. The number of employed teens fell by 14,000 from March to April 2012.
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