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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Democrats Attack Strippers and Hunting

Now Democrats want to tax strip clubs.  Will this horror never end?

Girly-men in Action - Trendy California Democrat legislators attack anything manly.
  • Democrats want a $10 per customer strip club tax to fund "rape centers"
  • Democrats want to ban hunting with dogs.
  • After approving both measures the festive legislators stepped out for a nice frothy latte at the nearest trendy coffee house.

The insane liberals of the People's Republic of California are on the march.
Calling it a sexually oriented business tax, moron leftist California Assemblyman Das Williams (Socialist Democrat -Santa Barbara) introduced a bill that would require a charge equal to $10 per customer who patronizes strip clubs that serve alcohol. The revenue collected from Assembly Bill 2441 would help fund vital services to victims of sexual and domestic violence, as well as cover the cost to process forensic exam (or rape) kits.
“There is evidence that shows a nexus between (sexual) violence and strip club establishments,” said James Joyce, an idiot spokes-hole for Williams. “There is an issue of funding being decreased, and there is definitely a need to fund these vital services.”
According to the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), California’s 84 rape crisis centers served around 30,000 victims in 2011. The state’s general fund contributed just $45,000 to all rape crisis centers combined, equating to about $1.50 per rape victim. The federal budget has an additional proposed cut of $800,000 to the rape set-aside fund in the 2012/2013 budget.
“It’s essential we create a new funding stream,” said Sandra Henriquez, executive director of CALCASA.
TRANSLATION  -  We need to fuck the voters, take away their money and give it to the government.
AB 2441 has already cleared the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation, and is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Committee on Appropriations this week.

(Ventura County Reporter)

The slow castration of the American Sheeple.
Idiot voters keep re-electing their Big Government Marxist Overlords.

Democrats say:  "Hunting with little doggies is mean."
  • Insane Liberals now attack hunters for daring to use dogs.
  • Democrats use dogs as a backdoor attack on hunting and the 2nd Amendment.

An insane proposed law, which passed the California state Senate last week, would prohibit using dog packs to chase bears and bobcats into trees, where hunters then stroll up and shoot the exhausted and helpless predators to death.  Oh horror of horrors.
"It is an inhumane practice," said pussy girly-man Senator Ted Lieu, (Socialist Democrat - Los Angeles County), who introduced SB1221. "It's been likened to shooting animals at the zoo. I think that's a good analogy."

Pansy California Democrats are sad that little doggies go hunting.

Lieu, the nut case chairman of the Democrat controlled Senate Labor Committee, said he learned that hounding bears and bobcats was still legal after Daniel Richards, the president of the California Fish and Game Commission, killed a mountain lion that had been chased down by dogs in Idaho reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The legislation on dog packs, which passed 22 to 15 in the Senate, is expected to be taken up by the state Assembly's Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee within the next few weeks.

The proposed ban has raised the hackles of hunters, who say the booming bear and bobcat populations in the state must be controlled. There are about 70,000 bobcats and an estimated 30,000 black bears in California, at least five times the number of bears that existed in 1980, according to the California Department of Fish and Game.

By the numbers

An average of about 1,700 bears are killed in California each year by hunters, game officials said, but fewer than half of those were hunted with dogs. In 2011, the state issued 4,500 tags to hunt bobcats, 11 percent of which were chased by dogs, fish and game officials said.
"Hunting is part of the rural way of life and something that needs to be protected," said Sen. Doug LaMalfa, R-Willows (Glenn County), who represents rural farming areas in the northern part of the state. He decried what he said are "assaults on the second amendment and hunting from urban legislators who neither understand nor live with the consequences of their votes."     (San Francisco Chronicle)


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" neither understand nor live with nor give a shit about the consequences of their votes"

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