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Friday, May 4, 2012

Obama brings Slavery back to the U.S.

American Serfs must word hard and obey their Puppetmasters in Government.
Comrade Obama has commanded that uppity Serfs who dare to fall behind in their student loan payments will be denied employment.  Obey your Masters or be punished.

Grinding Poverty is the new goal of Comrade Obama and his Fellow Travelers in the Department of Education

  • Obama's Democratic Party through the Department of Education has told colleges to deny transcripts of classes to anyone who falls behind in student loan payments.
  • No transcripts  =  no new job  =  grinding poverty courtesy of the Democratic Party.
  • And more poverty makes you dependent on a Socialist Big Government State.

By Gary;

If you have a student loan then drop your pants, grab your ankles and spread your butt cheeks because Comrade Obama and his Marxist Democrats have a special and very deep present just for you.

Obama's Department of Education has told colleges around the country to deny official college class transcripts to ex-students who are behind in their student loan payments.  Schools are not required by law to withhold transcripts, but a spokeswoman at the Department of Education confirmed that the department "encourages" them to use the draconian tactic reports the Los Angeles Times.
Modern Slavery  -  The Democrat Party has effectively re-introduced slavery or Serfdom back into American society.  The Government will not allow you to go bankrupt on crushing student loan debt leaving you a near wage-slave for decades in service of government loans.
Now the Colleges' withholding of transcripts of graduates who've fallen behind on loan payments makes it even less likely that the student can get a job and resume loan payments.  And no job equals poverty.  A poverty which in turn makes you even more depended on the centralized Socialist Big Government State.

It turns out many colleges and universities refuse to issue these critical documents if students are in default on student loans, or in many cases, even if they just fall one or two months behind.  Colleges are not owed the money, but they are acting as agents for Obama.
The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates student loan debt has passed $1 trillion, an amount greater than all outstanding credit card debt. The Department of Education put the default rate at 8.8% of student borrowers as of September 2010.
In Southern California for example, USC's website makes it clear that unmet loan obligations can prevent students from getting transcripts. 
Andrew Ross, an NYU professor says of the no-transcript tactic:  "It's worse than indentured servitude. With indentured servitude, you had to pay in order to work, but then at least you got to work. When universities withhold these transcripts, students who have been indentured by loans are being denied even the ability to work or to finish their education so they can repay their indenture."
Hope and change equals poverty.
(Los Angeles Times)

Big Government is grinding the people into Serfdom and poverty.
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