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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wal-Mart: The Democrat assault on job creation

Naked Marxism  -  The Socialist Democrat Party and their labor union Fellow Travelers continue a ruthless attack on a non-union Wal-Mart for daring to create jobs and wealth
  • Labor Union Communism.
  • A full-throated Hugo Chavez Communist style attack on capitalism, jobs and wealth.
  • Socialist Democrats use legal action funded by a bottomless U.S. Treasury to crush Wal-Mart with hundreds of millions in legal fees and fines.
  • Once Wal-Mart falls to Leftist attacks the smaller companies will fall into line and lick the boots of their Marxist Masters in the Beltway.

By Gary;

This is interesting.  As far as I can tell I have the "world exclusive" on this story of Hugo Chavez style Socialist thuggery in Washington.  I have not seen my take on these event in other media.

In the little reporting there has been the Left-Wing media mentions Federal lawsuits against the ever so "evil" Wal-Mart for bribery in Mexico to make business happen.  The Right-Wing media appears to have missed the real story and does not even report it.

See our original story  -  THE FEDERALIST - "Socialist Obama attacks job creating Wal-Mart."

In a nut shell, the Socialist Department of No-Justice is using the full power and bank account of the Feds to attack American businesses that might have paid bribes in foreign nations.  Heaven forbid.  It is all one giant Mafia-style shakedown.  The idea is to crush non-union businesses and make them bow to their Beltway Socialist Masters.

LABOR  UNION  ATTACK  -  Now we get a new twist.  The California State Teachers' Retirement System (mostly funded by union teachers) is seeking to fire Wal-Mart's corporate board for this horrid crime.  By accident Wal-Mart just happens to be non-union.

The California State Teachers' Retirement System is suing Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executives and board members, accusing them of using bribery and corruption to gain approval from Mexican government officials to build new stores reports the Los Angeles Times.

"We need truly independent directors who will set the right tone from the top," said one union loving hack.
CalSTRS owns more than 5.3 million Wal-Mart shares, valued at about $313 million.
Socialist Democrat whore and State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a member of the CalSTRS board, backed the pension fund's decision (naturally).
The bullshit Commie CalPERS complaint accuses Wal-Mart officials of failure to act despite evidence that corporate malfeasance and bribery were occurring in the discount retailer's Mexican operations. 
Now the Socialist Democrats are using the bribery allegations to have the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission get involved and fuck America's largest employer.
Welcome to the new Hugo Chavez America.
(Los Angeles Times)


pymgip said...

It's amazing how obbvious this pro union story is. Ther pension fund will take a beating if they get rid of the board and somehow manage to ruin Walmart with a union. It is impossible to do business in Mexico without payoffs, India costs twice as much and everyone in any kind of business knows this, as do the portfolio managers at Calpers.

Gary said...

I am not really anti-union. If two people want to sign a private labor contract that is fine. What I don't like is the government using their power to come down on the side of unions and threaten private companies.