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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Conservative Party slaughtered by Labour

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband racked up a huge victory.

It was not an election.  It was a massacre.

  • Labour gained 823 seats.
  • What was called ‘Wind Turbine Toryism’ was rejected by the voters.
  • Liberal Democrats are nearly exterminated.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is struggling to contain civil war in the Coalition following a painful setback in local elections for both Government parties.
The Prime Minister was warned to rein in ‘wind turbine Toryism’ as senior Conservative MPs prepared to publish an alternative program for Government, demanding more radical tax and spending policies.He faces an immediate challenge from senior figures on the Right of his party who want him to stand up to the Liberal Democrats says the UK Daily Mail.
Unease has been growing on Conservative back benches at the power and influence of Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg in the Coalition, with MPs complaining that Cameron has been forced to water down policies on Europe, tax cuts, human rights, NHS reforms and the family.Right-wingers led by David Davis and John Redwood will argue that a more radical economic strategy is needed, proposing targeted tax cuts, deeper spending cuts and an end to expensive environmental regulation.
The Prime Minister is under pressure to champion more traditional Conservative policies on law and order and education.

Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg was warned by one of his own peers that the Liberal Democrats could cease to be a viable force at the next general election.

The Deputy Prime Minister said he was ‘saddened’ after the Lib Dems lost more than 300 councillors, or 40 per cent of the seats they contested.

The Lib Dems, who have lost their ‘protest vote’ status, this result is another body blow added to the one they suffered last year. They have lost more than 300 councillors and have slumped to a total of under 3,000 across Britain. This is their lowest number since the mid-1980s and is sure to spark growing disquiet within the party’s rank and file.

(UK Daily Mail)

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