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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brazil Re-Distributes the Wealth

Brazil is the #6 economy on earth . . . now out comes the Socialists to spend money that does not belong to them

  • "Think of the children" is the battle cry of the Big Government Socialists.
  • People would get the "free" money even if they do not work.
  • These new welfare recipients will no doubt be grateful on election day. 

The leftist politicians of Brazil have learned well the lessons of the counterparts in Europe and the U.S.

Lesson Number One  -  As the economy grows re-distribute the wealth made by the producers of society in order to buy the votes of those with "needs".  Soon Brazil can also have their very own Marxist Welfare State . . . . and at that point the economy will start to collapse from too much Big Government just like in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Former Marxist revolutionary and now Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has launched a raft of social programs for low-income families with young children.  She has said she would expand the popular social program Bolsa Familia created by her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva reports the BBC.
Families with children under six living in poverty will get $35 (£22) a month for each family member.  The President does not bother to explain where this free "magic" money might come from or how many new jobs might be created if the people who earned that money were allowed to spend it themselves.
The government said the program would benefit 18 million voters . . . I mean people.
Rousseff said the government would also expand access to day care and health care.

Rousseff said it would become "the most important weapon in the fight against infant poverty". (Think of the children)  The president said that despite Brazil's economic progress over the past years, there were still people living in poverty, and that many of those were children and adolescents.
The government will allocate funds for health care, in particular for nutrition, (government provided "free" food) and for the construction of 1,500 day care centers (parents cannot raise their own children without the government.)
The program is targeted in particular at low-income families in Brazil's north and north-east, where drought has further increased the suffering of those living in poverty, according to President Rousseff.
(BBC News)

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