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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Greece in Anarchy - The rise of Fascism

Campaign rally for the Greek Conservative New Democracy Party.

Socialism Fails  -  A huge 51% unemployment for Greeks under 25 years old
  • Greece is in economic and political anarchy as the large European states grind the nation into poverty to cover the bad loans made by idiot bankers.
  • Many angry voters turned to the neo-Fascist New Dawn Party.

To see why voters after World War I turned to Fascist political movements one need only watch the insane ruling Elites of Europe working overtime to grind Greece into poverty while importing endless Muslims into the nation.
The voters are angry.  They don't want to be impoverished in order to bail out bad loans made by insane European bankers who should have been fired for their stupidity.  They also do not want to see their country  becoming a Muslim state.  And if the so-called "mainstream" political parties will not respond to the will of the people then they will turn to those who will on the far right or left. 

Forming a government will be tough.  Greece's more Conservative New Democracy party says it is unable to form a coalition government, despite garnering the most votes in a general election marked by strong gains for the neo-Fascist Golden Dawn party.
New Democracy and the left-wing Pasok polled just over 30 per cent of the total votes between them as the weekend's election saw voters flock to radical left and right-wing parties campaigning on anti-austerity platforms.
This New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said talks to form a coalition had failed. The mandate now goes to the radical left coalition, Syriza, to try to win a governing majority.  However, a repeat election now looks more likely than a coalition government.
(UK Daily Mail)         (ABC News)

2012 Greek Election Results.
No one party has a majority creating the need for a coalition government.  The Conservative parties will not join with the neo-Fascist Golden Dawn.  That leaves an alliance of the left and the right.

Members of the Right-Wing Golden Dawn Party.
The neo-fascist Golden Dawn Party picked up 21 seats in the Greek Parliament.  The so-called "mainstream" parties refuse to address issues of nationalism, the debt and endless illegal immigration.  That has left voters few choices except to turn to smaller and more extreme parties.

A member of Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) at a demonstration in suburban Peraia.

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