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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Communists beat homeowners, demolish homes

More Communist Chinese attacks on homeowners.
A few months ago the residents of Wukan, China, a fishing village in the southern Guangdong province, marched to demand the government take action over illegal land grabs and the death of a local leader who was taken into custody. The village of around 13,000 inhabitants accused local officials of stealing communal land without compensating them. Anger boiled over when a village leader tasked with negotiating with authorities over the row died in police custody.

Communism in Action
New attacks by the corrupt Chinese Communist Party against homeowners
  • Dozens of homeowners wounded in a battle with thug Party police.
  • Under Communism land ownership is illegal.

Farmers in eastern China battle with police escorting a crew to demolish their homes.
Nearly 1,000 farmers in eastern China on Friday clashed with hundreds of security forces sent to enforce the demolition of their homes, which officials called “illegal structures,” leaving dozens injured, witnesses said.
The skirmish, during which the farmers and police lobbed bricks and rocks at one another, took place in the Wenzhou area of Zhejiang province reports Radio Free Asia.  Police had been dispatched to Xiaobao village by officials in governing Cangnan county’s Wangli township to escort a demolition team tasked with “clearing illegal construction.”
The farmers are among the poorest residents of Xiaobao village and had built their makeshift shelters after their homes had been destroyed in a fire several years agoWhen police arrived to enforce the demolition, the farmers fought fiercely to defend the lean-tos, witnesses said, and were joined by other residents of the village.
The ensuing violence left “dozens” of villagers and “some” police wounded, as well as several police cruisers smashed, according to witnesses.  At least three villagers were detained during the melee.

Illegal Communist land siezures

Land clashes

In China, all land is ultimately owned by the state, but is allocated to rural communities under collective contract and through the household responsibility system that replaced the state-run farms and communes of the Mao era.

Land acquisition for development, often resulting in lucrative property deals for local officials, sparks thousands of protests by local communities across China every month, many of which escalate into clashes with police.

In recent years, property owners all over China have complained that existing leasehold contracts are being flouted by local officials and developers keen to swell revenue coffers with lucrative land deals.

China already sees thousands of “mass incidents” across the country every year, according to official statistics.

Many of these are protests or sit-ins linked to forced evictions, allegations of corruption, or disputes over land sales.
      (Radio Free Asia)

Your land belongs to the Party

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