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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

POLICE STATE: Democrat attack on the Bill of Rights

Welcome to the Obama Police State.
In violation of the Bill of Rights, U.S. Marshals raid Oaksterdam University in Oakland, Calif. on the orders of the Democratic Party.

A full Democrat Party attack on the Bill of Rights

  • Comrade Obama and his Fellow Travelers unleashed the IRS, U.S. Marshals, DEA and DHS on the helpless people of California.
  • Obama had his U.S. Attorneys threaten 300 landlords in California and Colorado that their private property would be seized by the Federal Government if they did not evict medical marijuana shops.
  • Political hacks from both the Democrat and Republican parties are silent about the growing Federal Police State.

In violation of the Bill of Rights and the 10th Amendment Federal agents on Monday targeted a San Francisco Bay area medical marijuana training school started by a leading pot advocate who has been instrumental in pushing for ballot measures to legalize the drug.
As part of the insane and unsuccessful Drug War, the doors to Oaksterdam University in downtown Oakland were blocked by U.S. marshals and yellow tape following the early morning raid by agents with the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Welcome to the American Police State

  • IRS Agents were on hand to bully the people of California into obeying their Federal Masters.

Agents carted trash bags of unknown materials out of the school as protesters gathered to condemn the action. A museum connected to the school and a nearby medical marijuana dispensary operated by Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee also were raided reports the Oakland Tribune.
Oaksterdam University was founded by Lee, who spent more than $1 million as the main backer of a California ballot measure defeated in 2010 that would have legalized marijuana in the state for recreational use.
The school offers classes to would-be medical marijuana providers in fields ranging from horticulture to business to the legal ins-and-outs of running a dispensary. It does not distribute marijuana.

Richard Lee - Attacked by Democrat Stormtroopers.
Lee was "detained" by the massive Federal Police State task force.  A paraplegic, he has been in a wheelchair since 1990.  His crime?  Using both the 1st Amendment and medical marijuana for his pain.

Arlette Lee, an IRS spokeswoman and no relation to Richard Lee, told reporters that agents were serving a federal search warrant but said she could not otherwise comment on the purpose of the raid.
"What we are doing here today is under seal," Lee said.
Agents also raided Richard Lee's home and briefly detained him during their search but did not arrest him, said Dale Sky Jones, Oaksterdam's executive chancellor.
"Clearly, they're trying to knock down one of the leaders in the cannabis reform movement," Jones said.
No other arrests were reported, and it was unclear if the raid was prompted by a civil or criminal complaint. Jack Gillund, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's.
"Oakland has one of the most highly regulated systems for distributing medical marijuana in the state," said Stephen Gutwillig, California's director for the Drug Policy Alliance. "We think this is a campaign by the U.S. attorneys not just to limit but to kill access to medical marijuana in California."
(Oakland Tribune)

The Founding Fathers would be so proud.

For reasons of their own, political hacks and liars from both the Left and the Right are creating a Centralized Federal Police State in violation of the Bill of Rights, the 10th Amendment and the Constitution.

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