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Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama attacks the First Amendment

The Drug War Gone Insane
Obama's Justice Department is now targeting newspapers who dare to print advertising that is not approved by Big Brother Government

Comrade Obama is now ignoring the Bill of Rights.

Amendment number one:  Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

It appears that the so-called "Constitutional law professor" Comrade Obama hasn't a fucking clue about the Bill of Rights and the words NO LAW.  So the weight of the Big Brother State will now target newspapers in violation of the Bill of Rights.

Federal prosecutors are preparing to target newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets that advertise medical marijuana dispensaries in California, another escalation in the Obama administration's newly invigorated war against the state's pot industry.

All this is nothing new to Comrade Obama.  Please see out article  THE FEDERALIST - "Obama to confiscate private property." 

This month, U.S. attorneys representing four districts in California announced that the government would single out landlords and property owners who rent buildings or land where dispensaries sell or cultivators grow marijuana. Now, newspapers and other media outlets could be next reports California Watch.

U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, whose district includes Imperial and San Diego counties, said marijuana advertising is the next area she's "going to be moving onto as part of the enforcement efforts in Southern California." Duffy said she could not speak for the three other U.S. attorneys covering the state but noted their efforts have been coordinated so far.

"I'm not just seeing print advertising," Duffy said in an interview with California Watch and KQED. "I'm actually hearing radio and seeing TV advertising. It's gone mainstream. Not only is it inappropriate – one has to wonder what kind of message we're sending to our children – it's against the law."

Federal law prohibits people from placing ads for illegal drugs, including marijuana, in "any newspaper, magazine, handbill or other publication." The law could conceivably extend to online ads; the U.S. Department of Justice recently extracted a $500 million settlement from Google for selling illegal ads linking to online Canadian pharmacies.

Duffy said her effort against TV, radio or print outlets would first include "going after these folks with ... notification that they are in violation of federal law." She noted that she also has the power to seize property or prosecute in civil and criminal court.

The penalty for a first offense is a maximum four years in prison and eight years for someone with a prior felony conviction.

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