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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Conservative Welfare State

The "Conservative" Welfare State.
Buy a pizza with your food stamps.  The Marxist re-distribution of the wealth is supported by both Socialist parties.  Republican business owners love to cash in on food stamps.  Everyone has their snouts deep in the trough of taxpayer money.

The Republicans must think you are stupid
  • #1 the nation is beyond bankrupt.
  • Knowing this House Republicans propose a microscopic 4% cut in food stamps.
  • Why so little??????
  • Republican oriented business owners from farmers to restaurants to multi-national corporations are sucking furiously on the food stamp government teat.  (Learn to speak Greek.)

By Gary:

Republicans controlling the House are pretending to target the food stamp program for budget cuts.
The proposed food stamp cuts would total $34 billion over a decade.
TRANSLATION  -  Divided over ten years that is only $3.4 billion in "cuts" in a program that costs $80 billion a year.  A huge 4% proposed cut.  "Proposed" is Washington Speak for something that will never happen.
The program has been expanded greatly over the past few years — enrollment tops 46 million nationwide, up from about 33 million in 2009.

"We'd rather pay farmers millions of dollars not to grow crops than to feed children," said Rep. Marcia Fudge  (Socialist Democrat-Wis.) blasting an Agriculture panel proposal that cuts food stamps but leaves alone controversial farm subsidies.

But panel chairman Frank Lucas, (Leftist Republican-Okla.) played the old Washington game of attacking the attacker to confuse the real issue.  
He countered that Democrats had targeted the programs for savings as well in 2010 to pay for other legislation and that many states game the system to increase eligibility and maximize payments.
Neither party ever questioned the very nature of the program itself.
Republicans refuse to question the nature of the Marxist re-distribution of wealth and the massive centralized Big Government State.
I am not mad at the Democrats.  They are open about being Marxist whores.
I am angry at the so-called "Conservatives" in the GOP.  They are the ones who keep making speeches about shrinking the size and scope of government at election time and then vote to fully protect and fund every possible program that centralizes power in the Beltway.
The Constitution says all spending bills come from the House of Representatives.  But the GOP has done jack about shit on spending and debt.  They have punted the ball to Comrade Obama and his Fellow Travelers in the Senate.
There are some limited changes taking place in the GOP.  Limited government and libertarian thought is creeping into the party.  But it is not happening fast enough.

Businesses provide "free" pizza with food stamps

Their are differences between the two parties on the centralized Big Government State:

GANG  RAPE   -   The full-throated Marxist Democrats will viciously gang rape the taxpayer for his money.  Then they will eagerly wave their red flags, dance naked around the Maypole and scream, "That was fun.  We need more money.  Let's do it again and again."

DATE  RAPE   -   The ever so polite Republican politician will slip a roofie in the taxpayer's drink and then gently date rape his supporters.  To make the rape experience a more pleasurable one, during the act he will whisper sweet nothings into your ear like "Small Government" and "Ronald Reagan".

But no matter which form of rape you are the victim of, you are still fucked, your money is gone and the Socialist Welfare State stands as strong as ever.
(Associated Press)

African American Farmers.
In the not so olden days, Americans from all ethnic and racial groups planted and harvested their own crops.  Today we pay Americans not to work and import foreigners to do farm work because it is "beneath" a modern American to get his hands dirty.

Socialism for All  -  Paid to sit on their asses.
Millions of illegal and legal foreigners are being imported into the United States while Americans are paid not to work.  You too can get "free" housing, "free" food, "free" medical care and so much more.  God Bless Karl Marx.

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