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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Both parties have gone insane

It is not easy to gather 535 stupid people together in one place, but somehow
Congress does it every day.

A 100 Yard Dash   -   There appears to be a race between the two parties to see which can win the title of "The Biggest Idiot."

  • Republicans pass tax cuts but no spending cuts.
  • Democrats want ever more taxes, spending and the printing of endless "free" money.

By Gary;

I am not sure which party will win the title of Biggest Idiot, but from here it looks like a bunch of 8 year old spoiled brats got their hands on Mom's credit card and have gone on an insane spending spree.

Democrats  -  The Socialist Demos must be given points for working overtime to bankrupt the nation, tax us all into poverty and debase the currency.  Hard work like that needs to be recognized.

Republicans   -   But because Republicans hold themselves up as believing in small government we must not forget the special efforts of the GOP.  Since coming back into power in 2011 the Republicans punted the ball to Comrade Obama and the Senate Democrats.  Hard decisions and leadership is not their style.  Not doing something is almost as important to winning the race as doing something.

The Constitution says all spending bills come only from the GOP House.  Day one in January 2011 the Republicans could have:

  • Simply announced that all spending would be frozen at 2010 levels.  But no.  That might be leadership.
  • That there would be a Federal hiring freeze.  As employees quit or retired the Federal workforce and budget would shrink with no one being fired.  But no.  That might be leadership.
  • In a related issue, the GOP House could have passed the e-verify system.  Illegal aliens would not be able to get jobs and American citizens would then be hired to do the work thus reducing unemployment.  But no.  That might be leadership.

Instead the GOP basically did nothing while mountains of debt built up.

Well maybe not nothing. On Thursday the GOP House passed a 20% tax cut for businesses, but not one single dime of real spending cuts.
By a vote of 255 to 173, which fell largely along party lines, the House passed the Small Business Tax Cut Act. The measure would give small businesses with fewer than 500 employees a one-time 20 percent tax deduction reports CBS News.
A one-time cut in taxes with zero spending cuts.  Now that is leadership.
It is possible the Republicans might win the race for the Biggest Idiot.

(CBS News)

Is this GOP House Speaker Boehner on vacation?
It is hard to tell at this angle.

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