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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SHARIA LAW - Muslims bomb church on Easter

Muslim Church bombing on Easter  -  36 killed.

Muslims bomb church on Easter

  • So-called Western "leaders" ignore Islamic terrorism against Christians in Africa while going out of the way to import millions of Muslims into Europe, the United States and Canada.
  • Sharia Law to be imposed on a helpless people by murderers.

A suicide bomber killed 36 persons in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The tragedy in Kaduna occurred when a car loaded with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded with a suicide bomber at the busy Sardauna Crescent Junction, Kaduna killing not less than 20 people on the spot. 16 others were later confirmed dead in several hospitals less than two hours after. Several others were also injured.

Eye wirness account said five minutes before the incident, the car had approached the 1st ECWA Goodnews church, on Gwari Road close to the scene of the incident, but the desperate move by the driver to force his way through a blockade was frustrated by the Police.

The explosion dug a crater about two feet deep. It brought down the roof of Fina White Hotel.

The smell of burnt human flesh still filled the air, while officials of the Red Cross, and Federal Road Safety Corps picked up human remains into body bags. Human blood mixed with engine oil was noticed on the tarred road.

It was a gory spectacle. But it could have been worse had the intended target been hit – a church with thousands of worshippers.

How ECWA Church was spared

Mr Francis Markus, a security man attached to 1st ECWA Church, Gwari Road narrated how he innocently warded off the bomber with a few police men when he spoke to newsmen close to the Church yesterday.

He said: “It was about 10 am when I saw a man coming to this street, and said he wanted to pass. I told him that he cannot pass because the church service was going on, we don’t normally allow cars to pass when service is going on because of the insecurity in the area. I advised him to pass after the church service. He insisted that he was going to his house. Then I said which of the houses are you talking about? He pointed at that upstairs building (pointing at one storey house painted in green on the street).

And I know so many people in the house, but for him and the car, I didn’t recognize his face because I work here every Sunday. I didn’t recognize his face. I stopped him from passing through the street. But he pointed at another house, saying that, that was where he wanted to go. He came through Arochukwu Road at about 9.45am. He drove in a Honda Accord ash-coloured car.

I told him that he cannot pass through here. He accused me of violating his rights for not allowing him to go to his house. I asked him to wait till after church service before he could pass, but he insisted that he must pass. We dragged this for some minutes. He entered the car and reversed and drove towards me. Yet I stood my ground and held the iron which we used for the road block. He hit the iron against me.

“Luckily enough, one of my church members came with his bike, parked and intervened. At this point we noticed that the man was having an army uniform on the back seat of his car, and an army cap by the rear wind screen. Then I told him that as an Army officer for him to behave that way, ‘you are a disgrace to the Army. You are misbehaving.

“As we were talking, the police men that were posted to the church saw what was happening between me and the man. They walked over and helped me to drive the man away. But within three to five minutes, we heard the explosion across the road, along Junction Road. It was the same car that came here.”

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A church bombed by Muslims.
A man stands amongst the charred remains of a church in the Gwom district of the 
central Nigerian city of Jos  
(Photo: AMINU ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Murdered by Muslims while attending Mass

A Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Catholic church in the Nigerian city of Jos, killing at least three people attending mass.

The bomber on Sunday aimed his speeding car at St Finbar's Catholic church in the city then setting off a large explosion, killing himself and at least three churchgoers, emergency agency spokesman Yushau Shuaib said.

It was the second suicide bomb attack on a church in the flashpoint city in two weeks, after a February 26 attack claimed by Islamic extremist sect Boko Haram killed three people and injured 50 as they attended a Sunday service reports the UK Telegraph.

Jos, a fault line in Nigeria's Muslim-Christian divide between north and south, was tense in the aftermath of the bombing amid fears of a reprise of deadly riots which followed last month's attack.

"There are rumours of reprisals from Christian youths, but we hope the security agents are on top of the situation as they have cordoned off the area," said Alhassan Danjuma Aliyu, local chief of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). 

Emergency workers feared the death toll would have been higher had the bomber managed to get the vehicle closer to his target. "The bomb exploded before he could get to the church," said Shuaib.

The worst recent attack on a Catholic church came on December 25 last, when 44 people were killed during a mass to celebrate Christmas in a town outside the capital Abuja.

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