"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gold Coins and Sound Money

The printing press that is never turned off.
And the Federal Reserve keeps running that printing press day and night, and
the value of that dollar keeps going down and down.

In Utah you can now use gold and silver to buy products and services instead of our increasingly worthless paper money

  • In the 1940s you could buy one gallon of gas with a silver dime.
  • Today you can still buy one gallon of gas with that same amount of silver.
  • These is no inflation.  What is inflating is endless amounts of paper money being printed and all the precious metals being taken out of our coins.

There is a new revolt by Sound Money Republicans at the state level against Federal government created inflation.

First, Republican Utah has made gold and silver legal money to purchase goods and services.
Recently Republican Colorado lawmakers pushed a bill to legalize gold and silver coins as usable currency.  But the Democrat controlled State Senate rejected the Republican attempt to legalize gold and silver coins.
From William Jennings Bryan in 1896 on, Democrats have proved they have no interest in sound money.
The gold-silver policy proposal from a group of conservative lawmakers reflects anxieties about the nation’s financial stability, the domestic consequences of the European debt crisis and chronic deficit spending in Washington, D.C.

Sound Money
The GOP stood for Sound Money in the election of 1896 but have become insane big spenders printing endless "free" paper money to cover an obscene national debt.  Now there is a revolt of Republicans at the state level demanding that gold and silver be brought back as legal tender.
"There are lots of concerns about the U.S. monetary system," said the bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs. "Individuals and states ought to be increasing their gold reserves. There’s no way to maintain the value of anything if countries start a race to the bottom by inflating their currency to get out of debt."
Utah legalized gold and silver as a currency option last year. And lawmakers in more than a dozen other states have proposed similar legislation on gold currency, said Rich Danker of the American Principles Project. The Washington-based conservative think tank favors a return to the gold standard.  (Salt Lake Tribune)

Video  -  A Republican State Rep. explains the new bill to legalize gold and silver as legal tender in Utah surrounded by weaponry in a SLC area gun shop.

Watch as customers make purchases with Silver at the event where Republican Govorner Herbert of the state of Utah, signs House Bill 157 Currency Amendment. Further legislation is in motion to advance the use of Silver and Gold as a competing currency with the U.S. Dollar.

Thanks to Eric Dondero from the Libertarian Republican for the video.

The Olden Days When Gold and Silver was Money.
When gold and silver was money somehow the sun came up every day, children played, businesses did business, people went to work and lived their lives.  But our ever so smart economists from the very best schools (who think loaning money to Greece is a good idea) tell us we are the "crazy" ones for wanting a stable gold backed currency and balanced budgets.  


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