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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Democrat Party Culture of Hate

I'll play Democrat bigot Al Sharpton's game  -  Al is using vicious hate speech against
a young Hispanic man in Florida.
  Shame on him.

Democrats have nothing to offer the voters except HATE
  • The sad part is millions of non-thinkers among us lap up the hate speech bullshit and then repeat the lies back as if they were facts. 

By Gary;

Scumbag Hilary Rosen, the Democratic consultant who created a political firestorm with her comments about Ann Romney, on Friday canceled a planned appearance on "Meet the Press."

Rosen has not an ounce of courage in her body, and runs away from being grilled from even a ball-less Leftist press corps.

The talk show teased an appearance by Rosen — who said that Romney "hadn't worked a day in her life" — on its website and on the "Today" show Friday morning but confirmed later in the day Rosen had canceled her appearance.

"I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended," said the insincere political hack Rosen in a statement to cover the Obama campaign's ass.

Democrats pretended to express outrage that Rosen would appear on the show, prolonging a story that has become a headache for an Obama reelection team that saw momentum with female voters reversed earlier this week when Republicans pounced on her comments.

What is so very, very sad is the Democratic Party has nothing to offer voters except hate speech.

Democrat Hate Speech   -   In a divide and conquer strategy, Democrats tried to whipped up hate this week against women who chose to stay home and raise their children.  Previously Democrats pushed the stupid Republicans hate women insanity.

Democrat Hate Speech   -   Class warfare hate.  Every other word coming out of the mouths of Marxist Democrats is hate and envy against anyone who dares become successful in America, open a business and create jobs and wealth.  The only thing Democrats can say is, "We will steal the money of those who earned it and give it to you."

Democrat Hate Speech   -   In raw acts of naked racial hatred never seen before, Comrade Obama and his lackeys Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Jesse Jackson have been screaming racism against a Hispanic man in Florida.  This fanning of racism in a quest for November votes sickens any honest citizen.

Democrat Hate Speech   -   With one hand Comrade Obama fans hate of Black Americans against a Hispanic American man in Florida. Then with his other hand Obama fans Hispanic racial hate against American citizens of all skin colors who simply want our immigration laws enforced.  All in the quest for votes.

Democrat hate on top of hate on top of hate.  November can't get here soon enough.

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