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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our long GOP nightmare is over

My prayers to God have been answered . . . the primaries are over!

  • Reform is needed  -  many of the Republicans running were not real candidates.  They were hucksters selling their books or auditioning for a show on Fox News.

By Gary;

Yes, the least embarrassing candidate won, and you know there is nothing wrong with that.

The GOP went into the primaries with Marxist Comrade Obama on the ropes.  By the time the Republicans finished gutting themselves on live TV Obama had moved up and is now ahead in many polls.

General Rutherford B. Hayes
Considered a "moderate", Hayes was
able to win the election of 1876. But
moderate or not, to the winners
go the spoils. Winning is everything.

The primary system is broken.  With 24-7 live cable TV and talk radio the primaries are becoming freak shows to entertain a bored public looking for thrills.  It is past time to abolish many of the primaries and have the states go over to conventions or a caucus system where millionaire cartel PAC money cannot buy elections.

Because of live debates and billionaire funded super-PACs, totally unqualified candidates with near zero support in the party or in the polls were thrust into the position of nearly becoming the party nominee.

The Super-PAC money created a new dimension where billionaires could fund hand-picked pet candidates with little support.  Through endless TV ads the super wealthy could buy the "minds" of the non-thinkers.

For good or bad the American Presidential system requires very large and broad coalitions of voters in many different states in order to win.  Many of the Republicans running this last year were not real candidates.  They were self-promoting hacks on long extended book tours selling their wares or preforming on stage hoping to get their very on TV show on Fox just like Mike Huckabee.

But be that as it may, now it is time to build that much needed broad coalition of many different interest groups to defeat Obama.

Governor Mitt Romney built that coalition and was elected in a super Democratic Massachusetts.  So go to it Mitt.

And the winner is . . . . . 

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