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Saturday, April 28, 2012

More land seizures in Israel

A Palestinian man being evicted from his home by Israeli police.
"The legislature acts against the trust reposed in them, when they endeavour to invade the property of the subject, and to make themselves, or any part of the community, masters, or arbitrary disposers of the lives, liberties or fortunes of the people".
John Locke

Property Rights  -  More families are having their homes taken from them.
  • "Thou shalt not steal," appears to be optional.
  • Be honest with yourself. Is it justice for an Israeli court to tell an Arab he does not own the home he is living in?
  • How can there be any hope of peace in the Middle East when people are being thrown out of their homes?

Personally I do not have a dog in the eternal Arab-Israeli land fight.  I just want both sides to shut the Hell up, treat each other with some respect and live in peace.  But I am a dreamer.

But it is fascinating to watch how people knee-jerk to the news. This last week yet more Arab families had their homes taken away from them by an Israeli court and were thrown into the streets.  Americans who call themselves "Conservatives" were happy to knee-jerk in favor of Israel.

That is the part I find interesting.  These so-called "Conservatives" should be on the side of property rights.  The right to hold private property is central to Conservatism.  But when the conversation turns to Muslim or Christian Arabs, suddenly "Conservatives" forget property rights in a rush to take sides with Israel.

This last week United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory Maxwell Gaylard condemned the eviction of Palestinian families in Beit Hanina Wednesday.
“Evictions of Palestinians from their homes and properties in occupied territory contravene international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, and should cease," Gaylard said in a statement reported by the Jerusalem Post.
Arabs thrown out of their homes

Tensions rose in the normally quiet Beit Hanina neighborhood of east Jerusalem after an Arab family was evicted from its home on Wednesday morning, and a half dozen young activists from the Israel Land Fund moved into the house immediately afterwards.
Khaled Natche, his wife, Lubna, and their nine children were evicted after an eight-year legal battle found that the land was legally purchased by Jews.
The eviction of the Natche family is the first step toward creating a Jewish complex of 50 apartments in the predominantly Arab neighborhood, according to Israel Land Fund director Aryeh King. King said a Jewish man purchased two buildings in the neighborhood 35 years ago. The properties also belonged to Jewish residents prior to 1948, he said.

The court ordered the families to pay NIS 250,000 to the Israel Land Fund for damages resulting from the court case, but King promised to waive the debt if the families moved out voluntarily.
Natche refused to leave, and told The Jerusalem Post two weeks ago that he would never give up the keys to his home.
Natche said police arrived at his home at 9 a.m. and detained him for questioning at the Neveh Ya’acov police station for two hours.  While he was being questioned, officers removed the family members from the house and put their belongings in a truck. The eviction was completed without violence.
At noon, Natche sat in his car outside of his former home with his wife and four of his youngest children, and said he did not know where he would sleep that evening.
Video  -  'They give building permits to Jews but not to Arabs.'

“What can I do?” he asked. “I can’t do anything. These are the results of an occupying government, this is a mafia.”
Natche’s lawyer, Khalid Masalha, petitioned the Jerusalem District Court for a temporary injunction to stop the Jewish activists from moving into the home, but the petition was denied around 3 p.m.
The Israel Land Fund head hopes to build a Jewish neighborhood called “Nof Shmuel,” or View of Samuel, with 50 apartments. The name refers to the tomb of the Prophet Samuel north of Ramot, which is visible from the neighborhood.

(The Jerusalem Post)        (Global Post)

Israeli police arrest a young man.  His family was forced to hand over their home of 50 years to Jewish settlers in the Israeli annexed east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina, on April 18, 2012.   (AFP/Getty Images)

Meet and visit the farm of Daoud Nassar.   "The Israelis want this whole area. Their plan is to force as many of us as possible to leave," said Palestinian Christian  Daoud Nassar, who is fighting to hold on to his family's farm in Nahalin that they have owned since 1916.  Visit Daoud's web-site at  "Friends of the Tent." 

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