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Monday, January 2, 2012

Moderates in Tunisia regroup against Islamists

Tunisia's liberal opposition is regrouping in efforts to prepare for the next Constituent Assembly election.  (AFP)

Moderates discuss possible alliance against Islamists

Leaders from Tunisia's four main opposition parties met outside of Tunis earlier this week to discuss plans for a possible alliance of centrist and center-left political groups.

The grouping includes the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), Afek Tounes, the Modernist Democratic Pole (PDM), Ettajdid and other opposition forces, both with and without representation in the Constituent Assembly. They were joined at the conference by several newcomers, including a party established by former interim Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi, reports Magharebia.

"The political map today involves an imbalance of power and doesn't reflect the real condition of the Tunisian society that is keen on the gains of an independent state," according to Jounaidi Abd Jawed, a member of the political bureau of Ettajdid Movement. Speaking at a seminar on joint political action in Monastir, he said Tunisia needs to build a modern, progressive, democratic and popular entity.

Abd Jalil Badoui, leader of the Tunisian Labour Party, called for unifying the parties because they embrace the same open, democratic, and modern social project. He stressed the need for an opposition to shadow authority so that Tunisians have an alternative in case they are not satisfied with the incumbent authority.

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