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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bribery of New Gingrich

The Gang Rape of the Taxpayer
Newt takes a $1.6 million retroactive bribe from Freddie Mac for "services rendered" while the taxpayers get fucked.
  • Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have received a total $153 billion in taxpayer bailouts.
  • Millions of homes have gone into foreclosure through loan fraud and no one goes to jail.
  • The "Old Boy's Network" keeps all the insiders flush with money to keep their mouths shut.
  • Newt was paid about $30,000 a month by these corrupt bastards.
  • And now moron Republicans want Newt to be President. 

By Gary;

Freddie Mac hires Newt as their "Historian" for $25,000 to $30,000 a month.  This is totally off the bullshit meter scale.

Big Government Republican Newt Gingrich thinks you are a fool.  At first he played the game that his lawyers were blocking him from releasing his corrupt consulting contracts with Freddie Mac.  Now under pressure under pressure from Mitt Romney, candidate Newt Gingrich’s consulting business released his contract with Freddie Mac.

But he still thinks you are a FOOL.  He only released the contract for 2006 even though he worked for them for eight years.  The contract calls him a "consultant" but is vague about his specific duties. It calls for a $300,000 retainer and $25,000 a month fee.   (National Journal)

Now Gingrich's people say his early contracts with Freddie Mac are magically "missing".

Gingrich has offered varying explanations for his ties to the mortgage company, initially claiming he was hired as an “historian” (ha, ha, ha) and later characterizing himself as a strategic adviser.  (Pure bullshit)

Gingrich's continued failure to make all the contracts public is being challenged by his chief rival for the Republican nomination, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I'd like to see what he actually told Freddie Mac," Romney said, addressing reporters gathered outside his  campaign headquarters. "Let's see what his report was."

The latest Rasmussen poll of idiot, mouth-breathing Florida Republican voters puts the corrupt Gingrich ahead of an honest Romney by 41% to 32%.  

Gingrich initially said he couldn't release the two contracts, which paid him at least $1.6 million, because Freddie Mac officials wouldn't let him. When the company subsequently said he could make them public, he said his former consulting firm was the impediment. Gingrich's campaign and the consulting firm employ the same attorney.  This fat little bastard is a moving target.  He does not want to answer real questions.

Gingrich's CNN account also conflicts with comments he made in an interview posted on the Freddie Mac website in 2007, while he was being paid about $30,000 a month to help the company refurbish its "image" with Republican lawmakers.
TRANSLATION:   Keep your mouths shut.  Don't ask questions.  When you retire from government we will take care of you just like we did Newt. 
(San Francisco Chronicle)

While Newt had his snout deep in the trough of corruption, some real Americans said:

"We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

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