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Saturday, January 21, 2012

CNN attempts to exclude Ron Paul

The crowd demands that CNN allow Ron Paul to answer.

Crowd boos and jeers, demands Paul be allowed to answer
  • Political and Media Elites on both the Right and the Left are frightened to death of the small government Constitutional Federalism represented by Dr. Ron Paul.
  • Dr. Paul is a direct threat to a system of endless bi-partisan Marxist spending, debt and un-Constitutional, un-declared wars around the planet.

A remarkable scene unfolded during last night’s CNN hosted South Carolina debate when not once but twice, the audience had to intervene to ensure that Ron Paul be included in questions, as host John King attempted to skip over the Congressman following answers from the other three candidates.

Even more remarkable was the fact that both times the questions were related to medical issues and Dr. Ron Paul is the only qualified doctor among all the candidates reports Infowars.

When it came to two key questions it was left to the audience to remind the CNN anchors that Ron Paul was up on the stage and that voters wanted to hear him speak.

The first instance occurred when King somewhat reluctantly threw Ron Paul the question “would you repeal Obamacare?” following answers from the rest of the field.

To wild ironic cheering and whooping from the audience acknowledging that Ron Paul had finally been included in the question, the Congressman exclaimed “PHEW, I thought maybe you were prejudiced against doctors and the doctor that practiced medicine in the military or something!”

The second instance of CNN completely ignoring Paul occurred when King attempted to switch subjects from the issue of abortion without asking for Ron Paul’s thoughts.

“All right, let’s take another question,” King said after hearing from the other three candidates only. “Let’s take a question now from social media…”

Only when the audience began to boo and jeer, asking for Ron Paul to be afforded the opportunity to answer, did King allow the Congressman to speak.

“…before we move on, you want in on this issue?” King said to Paul, “They want you in on this issue…” King added, addressing the audience.

“John, once again, it’s a medical subject. I’m a doctor,” Paul protested, drawing cheers from the crowd before giving his thoughts

Both the Right-Wing and Left-Wing Media and Beltway Elites have done everything possible to either exclude,  minimize or mock as "crazy" Ron Paul and his message of Constitutional Federalism..

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