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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insane Islamists ban spas at hotels

Attacking pork and beer.
Muslims have gone insane on the Maldive Islands banning spas at hotels and now attacking
the sales of pork and beer to tourists.

Islamists ban spas at hotels in the Maldive Islands

Islamists are no different from other types of statists.  They have a deep fear that somewhere a person might be enjoying their lives without their permission.

Islamists put pressure on the Maldives government to close down spas at hotels geared to tourists.

The islands are a paradise holiday destination renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and high-end luxury.

Honeymooners and celebrities from around the world flock there, often paying up to $1,000 a night at hideaway resorts.

But now officials in the Maldives have ruled the Indian Ocean archipelago's luxury spas, health centers and massage parlors must close.

The government has relented after sustained pressure from radical Islamist opposition parties claiming they were offensive, reports the UK Daily Mail.

It has led to fear the £1billion tourism sector in the Maldives will suffer.

The country's president issued the decree on Saturday, saying the idea came from opposition parties angry at widespread sales of pork and alcohol.

Importation of alcohol is already severely prohibited in the Maldives and Islamists are now calling for a complete ban.

The Maldives is a mainly Sunni Muslim nation of more than 1,200 atolls housing a population of 400,000.

'The government has decided to close massage parlors and spas in the Maldives, following an opposition-led religious protest last week calling for their closure,' President Mohamed Nasheed's office said in a statement.

'Ironically, the same opposition leaders who railed against spas and the selling of alcohol and pork to tourists are some of the country's biggest resort owners.'

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Insane Islamists have banned spas in the Maldive Islands.  Islamists, like all crazy statists, live in fear
that somewhere, somehow, someway a person just might enjoy their lives.

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