"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, January 27, 2012

Socialism wins in Florida

On the People:   "If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep."
- - - Eli Wallach  (The Magnificent Seven)

By Gary;

Socialism has won the day in the "small government" Republican Party.

Gingrich Socialist Class Warfare:   "I think you have to live in worlds of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island accounts and an automatic $20-million-a-year income with no work to have some fantasy this far from reality," said Gingrich of Romney.

Gingrich is a pig, but he is not a fool.  He is throwing Socialist red meat at Republican voters because it works!  So-called small government Republicans are falling all over themselves to speak out for Gingrich and cast their vote for him.

Businessman Mitt Romney is a couple of notches better.  Unlike Gingrich, at lease Romney has earned money in the private sector.  But he is still the author of Big Government Romney-Care.  His saving grace is being pro-business.

Rick Santorum served in Congress and voted with his party to massively increase Big Government spending and to expand the reach and scope of the Big Brother State.

So in the most recent Florida poll the three Big Government Republicans get 69% of the vote.  Limited government Constitutional Federalist Ron Paul gets a huge 13%. 

Like Eli Wallach in the The Magnificent Seven, both
Democrats and Republicans want to shear the tax paying
Sheeple to fund Big Government.  The argument is
only over how much wool to take from the helpless beast.

The Sheeple GOP voters are mesmerized by the siren call of Socialism.  The idea of even casting a protest vote for Ron Paul never even enters their minds.  After all the Right-Wing Media has tagged Paul as a "crazy" and you can't vote for a crazy person.  

Latino Republicans

There is no doubt that Republicans have a Death Wish.  Judging by the way they talk about immigration they must want their party to become extinct.

Romney spouts off about "self-deportation" while Gingrich runs radio ads that labeled Romney "anti-immigrant".    Those ads were pulled by Gingrich after a scolding from Senator Marco Rubio.

Republicans are idiots when it comes to Latinos, and Florida has a solid Latino Republican base too.

It comes down to proper marketing.  When the question of immigration comes up only one word should come out of any Republican's mouth:   JOBS

The GOP conversation should only be about protecting the jobs of Hispanic, Asian, Black and White American workers from cheap labor coming here illiegally during the current depression.  All talk of borders and citizenship should be deflected to later "when our economy improves."

Republicans threw away the Black vote.  If they blow off the Latino vote the party will become extinct.

Sheeple Republican voters in Florida on their way to the polls to vote for Big Government Republicans Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.  The thought of casting a protest vote for limited government Constitutional Federalist Ron Paul never even enters their minds.  Baaaa . . . . . .

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