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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Business loves Socialism

The Conservative Nanny State
Florida Republican State Senator Ronda Storms worried that poor people
were eating fatty foods, but she discovered how Big Business defends the Food Stamp
Marxist re-distribution of wealth into their bank accounts.

Big Business lines up to attack any possible reforms to the bi-partisan cradle-to-grave Welfare State

By Gary;

Florida Republican State Senator Ronda Storms is clueless about Big Government, but as a representative of the Socialist Nanny State she is deeply concerned that people only eat the government approved "correct" foods.

A few months ago Storms started noticing that some fellow shoppers were using federal food stamp money to purchase a lot of unhealthful junk food. And it galled her that people were indulging in sugary, fatty, highly-processed treats on the public dime.

"If we're going to be cutting services across the board," she said, "then people can live without potato chips, without store-bought cookies, without their sodas."  The fact that the entire program is a Marxist re-distribution of the wealth does not enter her mind.  She is only outraged at the so-called unhealthy foods being eaten reports the Los Angeles Times.
Big Business loves Socialism all the
way to the bank.

So being the prim and proper Conservative Nanny State Republican she introduced a bill which has passed out of committee. 

Big Business Socialism  -  Now the real shit is starting to fly.  Leaving aside Storms' Nanny worries about the eating habits of the poor, corporate America has come out of the woodwork to attack the bill. 

Big business could care less about free markets, Adam Smith or even what poor people eat.  But Big Business has fully latched on the public teat and they want that wealth re-distributed to them right now!

The lobbyists for big business are in attack mode against the bill:
  • Corn Refiners of America
  • Florida Beverage Association
  • Florida Petroleum Marketers 
  • Convenience Store Association 
  • Snack Food Association
  • Frozen Potato Products Institute
"Why is that? Because they know they are raking it in from food stamps," Storms said.

The Re-Distribution of the Wealth  -  There is a giant Marxist re-distribution of the wealth from those who work and pay taxes and those who suck down the taxes.  According to federal records, more than 46 million Americans are eating groceries bought with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funds.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been unwilling to issue further restrictions on food stamp purchases beyond items such as alcohol, tobacco and "hot foods."

Gary Reform  -  Bags of beans and blocks
of cheese.  If you want more then get a job.

Last year the USDA rejected New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "demonstration project" that would have prohibited soda purchases with food stamps.  It also rejected a Minnesota plan to prohibit the purchase of soft drinks and candy.

Re-distributing wealth from the taxpayers through Food Stamps and into Corporate bank accounts involves billions of dollars.  Big Business is fighting hard to protect their right to take your money.

The Gary Reform Plan  -  My plan is simple.  The state will temporarily help those in need, but there will be no plastic wealth transfer cards or paper stamps redeemable in free goodies.

No, under my plan (which would never pass) you would get your bags of beans, some eggs, cheap bread, blocks of American cheese, canned fruits, canned veggies and milk.  That's it.  Enough to keep you alive and much more than countless millions of people get to eat around the world.

If you want different foods then get a fucking job.  But the Socialists in Washington and in business will never allow it.
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Unknown said...

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Gary said...

Thank you. I feel like I am talking to myself on this.

Republicans, Democrats and their pet Media refuse to address real issues. John Stossel is almost the only media person covering the insanity.