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Thursday, January 12, 2012

An independent Scotland? - Is Wales next?

Scotland may soon vote for independence

British Prime Minister David Cameron is to take the high-risk gamble of offering to hold a referendum on Scottish independence next year. He aims to call Alex Salmond's bluff by challenging him to stage a vote on Scotland's place in the UK within 18 months.

Cameron will this week signal the start of a bruising battle with the Scottish Nationalist First Minister over the future shape of the UK.

The Prime Minister will publish legal advice that concludes the SNP administration in Edinburgh can hold a binding referendum only with the British Government's permission. He will say he is prepared to give his backing to a vote only as long as it is held by the summer of 2013 reports the UK Independent.

10 Good Reasons! for Scottish Independence

Salmond's Scottish National Party (SNP) said it had never argued that the referendum was going to be "legally binding". It would, however, be "politically binding" because it would represent the views of the Scottish people and be impossible for any government to resist.

Under Cameron's plan, Scottish voters would only be offered a simple "yes/no" question on independence, whereas Salmond wants to include another "independence-lite" option of greater financial autonomy short of complete separation.

The First Minister of Scotland warned "Westminster politicians" not to intervene in matters which were the responsibility of the Scottish Government and the Scottish people. He said: "The position is very clear – the Scottish Government achieved an overwhelming mandate from the people of Scotland to hold the referendum in the second half of this parliamentary term, and that is exactly what we will do. The anti-independence voices at Westminster seem to be in total disarray and the Prime Minister would be wise to hold to the position that all these matters will be determined by the people and parliament of Scotland."
(UK Independent)

Party breakdown in the Scottish Parliament.

Opposition Parties

Note to American Readers  -  Please do not be confused.  All these different political parties are the result of something called freedom.  The Editor understands that Americans become disoriented by the very idea of having many real choices on their ballots.  But don't worry.  This article will pass, and then you can return to the comforting world of two-party oligarchy American politics.

Scotland's nationalist government reacted with fury to the Prime Minister's attempts to wrestle control back from First Minister Alex Salmond  (pictured right)


Anonymous said...

cameron and his tory pals are nothing but toffy nosed .thinking they no it all the no bugger all what we in scotland want and need. so i say stuff this english crap and let scotlands peple have our say. and so i say.they have taken our lifes but they will never take away our rightdul . FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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