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Monday, August 15, 2011

SHOCK: British males castrated at birth

British males have been castrated by Socialism.  Now they are only
SHEEPLE  -  a calm and submissive creature that does not question their Socialist Masters.

The light bulb was the symbol of a Modern Age of progress.  Now we celebrate a modern Doublespeak and Luddite-ism where less is more. 

EDITOR'S NOTE:   The British nation has simply rolled over for their Socialist Puppetmasters and bleated baaa, baaa, baaa.   They won't even fight back against their Masters for the right to own a light bulb.  The only reason for this I can see is secret mass castrations of British males at birth by teams of Socialist Dr. Mengeles.

First the 100-Watt light bulb disappeared from our high streets for good.

Now in an even bigger reform, it is the end for the 60-watt bulb which has been outlawed by the European Union.

They will stop being manufactured at the end of the month, forcing all householders to switch to energy-saving alternatives when stocks run out, reports the UK Daily Mail.

The light bulb is now
an enemy of the people.
But customers have reacted with fury that the low-energy version which will replace them has soared in price.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) which last longer and use less electricity will become the only option, but critics have complained they are also less bright.

One major wholesaler, Sparks in north London, said the price charged by its supplier for an 11-watt CFL had risen from £1.39 in June to £1.67 today, an increase of 20 per cent.

At Argos, a Philips 11-watt CFL was £3.99 in September 2009 and had been hiked up to  £4.99 last week, a rise of 25 per cent. At Sainsbury’s, the cheapest energy-saving bulb is now £2, up from £1.21 for the same bulb two years ago – a rise of 65 per cent.

The basic versions do not work with dimmer switches, which require you to invest in a special dimmer version, costing up to £12.

Manufacturers have blamed recent price rises on the growing cost of raw materials required to make the bulbs.

They have warned further increases are to come as the Chinese government has raised prices of phosphors to protect its domestic supply.

Giles Chichester, the Conservative energy spokesman in the European parliament, accused manufacturers of ‘exploiting a market opportunity’ by raising the price of 60-watt bulbs.

So-called UK "Conservatives" are just Socialists without the testicles to admit that they are Socialists.  How dare those merchants sell a product at the going market rate!  Oh horror of horrors.

The Conservatives need to stop pretending and just join the Labour Party.

The price of traditional 60-watt bulbs has doubled since the EU announced its ban in 2008. One manufacturer which charged 16p in 2008 now charges 33p, and at Sainsbury’s the price per bulb has gone up from 70p to £1.

When the 100-watt bulb was phased out in 2009, there was panic buying across the high street as millions of Britons realised the traditional bulb, around since Victorian times, would disappear for good after 120 years.

The Government agreed to an EU decision to replace them with ‘green’ alternatives in 2008, and ministers claimed the switch would save 5m tons of carbon a year.

But experts expressed concern the new bulbs contain mercury, which could make them dangerous to dispose of, and medical charities warned they could trigger migraines and epilepsy.

The Sheeple of the British Empire

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