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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Foods Stamps are good at Pizza Hut

"Do you want fries with your Food Stamps?"
Under Republican leadership starting in 2004 the People's Republic of California allows welfare
recipients to use plastic EBT food stamp debit cards at fast food restaurants.

From each according to their ability . . . and a side of fries please

Pizza, Taco Bell, Whoppers, or the Colonel can all be yours in the People's Republic of California. 

Best of all it is FREE OF CHARGE.  Just swipe your plastic food stamp state debit card and chow down on an extra large pepperoni pizza.  Since the taxpayers will pick up the tab why not add desert too?

God Bless America!

But watching helplessly as insanity unfolds before your very eyes is nothing new to the few sane people left in California.  See this article from The Federalist - The People's Republic of California.

At least 141,000 people in Los Angeles County eligible to use their food stamps at local restaurants under a program offered by the People's Republic.

The Restaurant Meals Program was started in 2004 under Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Like all good Marxist, feel good, wealth re-distribution programs they are bi-partisan.  Both Republicans and Democrats like to brag to the voters at election time how they helped this group or that one with somebody else's money.

Nearly 94% of participating restaurants in the state are fast-food establishments reports the Los Angeles Times.

Besides L.A., only a few California counties offer the Restaurant Meals Program — among them San Francisco, Santa Clara and Sacramento. Of the 3.7 million food-stamp recipients in California, at this point only a portion of those collecting welfare are eligible for the restaurant benefits. About 66,000 people used those benefits in May, the most recent month for which figures are available.  But the sky is the limit and millions could be added to the program.

Officials at the Los Angeles County of Department of Public Social Services, which has the largest Restaurants Meals Program in the state, acknowledged that there are many fast food restaurants on their list of participants.

A Times examination of that list found that large chains such as Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken account for 83% of the vendors.

Business wants to cash in.  It has always been an fairy tale, a myth, that business was against Big Government.  If a business can increase their sales by 10% or 20% by getting in bed with government they will always jump at the opportunity.

At a Downey KFC, assistant manager Sam Chavez said a drop in business partly spurred the restaurant's recent decision to accept public assistance benefits. A large poster hangs in the windows announcing, "We welcome EBT," referring to the food-stamp debit cards dispersed to recipients.

"Business was down everywhere, and I think this will boost our sales," Chavez said.

Interest in the Restaurant Meals Program has increased substantially in the last two years, since the economy took a dive, and the county has capped the program at 1,200 restaurants.

Spokesman Oscar Ramirez said the California Department of Social Services is working with counties and the the state health department to develop a brochure to educate food-stamp recipients.

Anna Harrald, 46, uses her plastic food stamp debit card to eat at El Pollo Loco.
Yummy taxpayer paid for food is just a swipe away. 

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