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Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Mexicans are Stupid', says Federal Government

Another example of Liberal Racism against Hispanics.  To Liberals people with
Hispanic backgrounds are "victims" of the Internet.  Special taxpayer subsidized
computer station motor homes need to be sent to teach "victims" how to use the internet.

Federal taxpayer money to be used to help Hispanic "victims" of the internet.

By Gary;

I never knew it.  The Federal Government says Hispanics are not smart enough to get on the internet by themselves.  It must be true.  The Federal Government says so.

The Feds are using taxpayer money to help Hispanic "victims" of the evil internet to go online.  But somehow Asian-Americans, Anglo-Americans and African-Americans manage to get online all by themselves without Liberals to help them.  In fact, it is hard to keep a six year old of any race off a computer.  But our government appears to think that Hispanics are not even as smart as a six year old and they need special government help.

One can only wonder how on earth Hispanics in Panama, Mexico, Columbia and Argentina manage to logon to the net without government programs.  There is a subtle and unspoke Elitist Racism here.  The overeducated Elites appear to look down on Hispanics.

Officials from the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and the State of California joined Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and impreMedia publisher Monica Lozano as well as other national and community leaders to commend Club Digital on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Club Digital's summer pilot program will reach nearly 3 million Hispanics in California. The program has started on Aug. 1 with an extensive 30-day multimedia Internet training program in select impreMedia publications.

One of Club Digital's basic lessons is how to do a Google search.

Give me a F---ing break.  Hispanics are so stupid that they need to be taught by the Elitist "betters" how to do a Google seach.

"No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods."    - - - - Demosthenes

Club Digital, a $142,000 California effort funded largely through federal grants, is part of a larger public-private digital outreach reports the Los Angeles Times.

Local partners include the Southeast Community Development Corp., which is making available its $400,000 mobile computer lab — a converted motor home.

The Liberal do-gooder Southeast Community Development says Hispanic "members of these communities are victims of the Digital Divide."  Yep, everyone is a "victim" of something, and only the Liberal Elites can take you by the hand and show you what to do.

Self reliance?  No way.  Ask a friend, neighbor of family member to help?  No way.  Only government can help.

Also, please ignore a study from the Pew Center that shows 79% of Hispanics making $30,000 or more are on the internet.  Only the Elite Liberals can help the "victims."  Never try to help yourself when there is a taxpayer funded program available to help you.

We all know that these programs have nothing to do with helping people.  Government programs are all about providing tax dollars to subsidize jobs for Liberals who do not want to have to working for a living in the private sector.

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Anonymous said...

if they need to be taught how to use teh interwebz, they don't need 2 b on it anywayz