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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SHARIA LAW: interest free loans required for Muslim students

The Socialist Elite Media Complex tells you to ignore Netherlands leaders Geert Wilders' warnings about radical Islam and immigration.  Meanwhile more and more Muslims are demanding special treatment and Sharia Law is undermining Western society. 

"I'm Muslim and loans are against my religion"

United Kingdom Muslim groups are calling for a separate student loan system for Muslims.  Because the charging of interest will conflict with Sharia law.

Let's see . . . . Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and atheists will have to pay interest on their student loans.  But Muslims are "special" and should get their student loans for free.


The changes to UK tuition fees, which come into force next year, will see students charged higher rates of interest on the loans they take out to pay for university.

Until now they have paid the market rate of inflation but the reforms mean students who go on to earn more than £21,000 will have to pay interest of up to 3 per cent.

But in some interpretations of Sharia law, which is Islam's legal system and governs every aspect of Muslim life, loans are forbidden.

The National Union of Students has said it could be two years before an alternative system is worked out, leaving some Muslims fearing they cannot go on to further education.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies told The Independent that the rate increase was a 'pressing issue'.

A spokesman said: 'Because the rate of interest is above the rate of inflation, it is quite blatant usury.'

Usury means the practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, possibly at a very high rate.

Charging Muslims interest on student loans could break Sharia law.  Give us interest "free" loans.

Mohammed Ahmed-Sheikh, 17, says the changes will discourage him from applying to university next year.

'The fees are the reason I'm having doubts. I'm Muslim and loans are against my religion,' he told The UK Independent.

Ahmad Mitoubsi, 21, who graduated this year, added: 'We've just had to adapt to the British system or else I couldn't have gone to uni.'

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills says discussions are ongoing with student groups about a solution.

But it is thought an alternative, such as already happens with mortgages in which education could be 'rented' instead, may not be agreed until the 2013/14 academic year.

Sharia law is Islam's legal system. It was derived from the Koran, as the word of God, the example of the life of the prophet Muhammad and fatwas - the rulings of Islamic scholars.

It is different to the legal traditions of the Western world because it governs - or informs - everything about how a Muslim lives.

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Anonymous said...

During the Middle Ages the Bible also banned loans with interest - which opened the market to Jewish lenders.

Gary said...

Very true.