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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A 'Libertarian' Society in Syria?

Syrian shoppers walk next to the open shops at Hamidiyah popular market, in Damascus.
How strong would the economy of ALL Arab nations be if the Aleppo policies were
adopted throughout the Middle East?

To stop a revolution Syria's Baath Party adopts Libertarianism

How do you stop a people from revolting against an oppressive, Statist Dictatorship?  Why by adopting Libertarian policies of course.  Leave people ALONE to run the own lives.  That is what the Baathist government is doing in the city of Aleppo as a bribe to keep them quiet.

Whereas Damascus is the capital and administrative hub of Syria, Aleppo is the economic center where much of the money flows.  Many of the country's factories, textile plants and pharmaceutical companies are in the city.  The city's merchant class has largely been unaffected by the country's deteriorating conditions, and while those who compose it may not be fans of the government, they have the most to lose with instability reports the Los Angeles Times.

There is an overwhelming presence of security forces, police and government enforcers, but also less overt tactics.

The government is telling the residents that they will be left alone (at least for now) to run their own affairs without a corrupt government telling them what to do every second.

The result has been an explosion of economic activity says the Times.

"Construction code enforcement has all but disappeared as the city witnesses an illegal construction boom; electricians, plumbers and tile workers who have been unemployed for years are now barely able to keep up with the work.
Roads in need of repair for years have been repaved. Traffic laws, which had become more strict, are no longer implemented.

Additionally, the need for residents to pay bribes to grease government transactions has largely disappeared, said one Aleppo activist, reached by phone. Instead, the practice has been replaced with an unfamiliar respect for residents, as government employees and police tell people going about their normal lives, "You have raised our heads with pride."

Street vendors hawking fruit, old watches, shoes and children's toys, who were once banned and chased off by police, have multiplied, said one woman who lives in Aleppo."

Freedom creates jobs and wealth.  Who would have thought it possible?

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