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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dancing with the Devil

The Republicans think they can dance with the Marxist Devil and
not get burned.  They are fools.

"People are scared that the government doesn't know what the fuck it's doing."  - - - Greek Investment Banker

The Republicans are dancing with the Marxist Devil, Comrade Obama.  The Socialist Beltway Elites are doing everything in their power to destroy this Republic and keep power in their hands.

On one hand, the debt ceiling deal is phony, cutting no spending and ringing up trillions in new debt.  Then the new plan also undermines the Constitution of the United States and sets up a totally un-democratic "Super Congress" that is hand picked by the Socialist Beltway Elite leadership of both parties.

We are moving at warp speed into a Greek bankruptcy while simultaneously abolishing the Constitution.

Panic in Greece . . . Coming soon to America

Worried about whether the banks will stay in business, Greeks have been taking their life savings out of accounts and sticking them in metal slits in basement vaults, reports the UK Guardian.

The boxes are so popular that the bank has doubled the rent on them in the past year – and still every day between five and 10 customers request one. This bank ran out of spares months ago. The clerk leans over: "I've been working in a bank for 31 years, and I've never seen a panic like this."

In May alone, almost €5bn (£4.4bn) was pulled out of Greek deposits, as part of what analysts describe as a "silent bank run". This version is also disorderly and jittery, just not as obvious. Customers do not form long queues outside branches, they simply squirrel out as much as they can.

"Every time the markets move, I get phone calls," says an Athens-based fund manager. "They're from investors asking: 'How can I get my money out of the country?' "

One senior investment banker is more blunt: "People are scared that the government doesn't know what the fuck it's doing."

The other big problem is in the private sector, with few industries that are able to pay their way in the world. Jason Manolopolous, who is author of a new book called Greece's 'Odious' Debt, says that for years Greece was buying more from the rest of the world than it was selling. "We were buying BMWs from the Germans and selling them tomatoes."

But there are a small number of brave people willing to speak the truth and refusing to kiss the ass of the Socialist Beltway Elite.  Here are their thoughts about the phony debt ceiling bill.

DR. MICHAEL SAVAGE:   "If the left is telling you it's a victory for the tea party, then you know it's a lie."

"You're being hoodwinked again."   

"Lenin thought that a nation could only grow more prosperous when a nation is controlled by a vanguard and elite – a people who know better than you what to do with your property.  The Leninist elite would lead people to a world free of pain and poverty.

Dr. Michael Savage

There would be no more haves and have-nots or private property. Just boundless prosperity. All a nation had to do was transfer its entire wealth to Lenin's vanguard."

"America's rich will be poorer, America's poor will be poorer, America's middle class will be wiped out.  But America's government will be more powerful than ever, as will the elected officials and their corrupt bureaucrats.

"Over the past three decades, this government has been taking wealth from the producers, the job creators, the savers and the innovators.
"The productive class is already picking up a disproportionate share of our government's tab, and still, things seem to be getting worse.

"We have a government running record deficits, we have millions upon millions who are underemployed or, worse, unemployed; we have a socialized medical plan called Medicare Part A that will go bust in 2017; the United States has at least $50 trillion in unfunded obligations – all on account of policy makers like Obama who think that the redistribution of wealth makes a nation richer not poorer."

RON PAUL:   "To balance the 2012 budget, Congress simply needs to adopt 2004 spending levels.  Was the federal government really too small just 8 years ago?

Dr. Ron Paul

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this deal is the “Super Congress” provision.  This is nothing more than a way to disenfranchise the majority of Congress by denying them the chance for meaningful participation in the crucial areas of entitlement and tax reform.  It cedes power to draft legislation to a special commission, hand-picked by the House and Senate leadership. 

The legislation produced by this commission will be fast-tracked, and Members will not have the opportunity to offer amendments. Approval of the recommendations of the “Super Congress” is tied to yet another debt ceiling increase. This guarantees that Members will face tremendous pressure to vote for whatever comes out of this commission-- even if it includes tax increases.  This provision is an excellent way to keep spending decisions out of the reach of members who are not on board with the leadership's agenda."

RUSH LIMBAUGH:   "Vladimir Putin, he's out hunting. He says the United States is "a parasite on the world economy." A parasite, meaning our growth is all phony.

It's all based on borrowing, it isn't real, and we are gobbling up all the resources around the world just to sustain our spending. We're really not the rich country that we are is what Putin means. It's all borrowed, it's all fake, it's all phony. We're parasites.

Rush Limbaugh

All the numbers in this deal are just government math.

Government math's even crazier than Farrakhan's Million Man Math Made Easy. Rand Paul has an open letter on his website: To paraphrase Senator Jim DeMint: When you're speeding toward the edge of a cliff, you don't set the cruise control. You stop the car. The current deal to raise the debt ceiling doesn't stop us from going over the fiscal cliff.

"At best, it slows us from going over it at 80 mph to going over it at 60 mph. This plan never balances. The President called for a 'balanced approach.' But the American people are calling for a balanced budget. This deal does nothing to fix the overreaches of both parties over the past few years: Obamacare, TARP, trillion-dollar wars, runaway entitlement spending. They are all cemented into place with this deal, and their legacy will be trillions of dollars in new debt. The deal that is pending before us now," get this, "Adds at least $7 trillion to our debt over the next 10 years." Not $2.4 trillion; $7 trillion. "The deal purports to 'cut' $2.1 trillion, but the 'cut' is from a baseline that adds $10 trillion to the debt."

Now this national debt is $14.3 trillion plus the $2.4 trillion that's gonna be added, so we're just under $17 trillion, and another $10 trillion's gonna be added in ten years, maybe as much as the number 13.

We could be looking at a $27 trillion national debt.

The Republicans are dancing with the Devil in the pale moon light.

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