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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Immigration helps cause Spanish unemployment - and in America too

Spain has nearly 6,000,000 foreigners living and working in a nation of 21% unemployment.
Above is a Chinese clothing store in Zaragoza, Spain.

  • 21% unemployment in Spain
  • 45% youth unemployment in Spain
and . . . . .  
  • 5,730,000 foreigners imported into Spain.

Here is the real question   -   Is there really unemployment in Spain?  or is the legal importation of millions of foreigners simply taking jobs away from native born Spaniards?  This does not even consider any illegal immigrants in Spain.

Spain is to introduce temporary restrictions on Romanians seeking to work in the country, the first time barriers to free movement of workers have been reimposed within the European Union, reports the Financial Times.

Madrid indicated two weeks ago it would seek to stem the flow of Romanian labour, amid record unemployment. Its plan was approved on Thursday by the European Commission and will come into force immediately.

European Commission officials stressed the restrictions – to be in place until the end of 2012 – would not impact on the more than 864,000 Romanians living in Spain and were allowable only because of the “dramatic” employment situation there.

“We hope this move will be limited in time as much as possible and an overall positive attitude towards free movement in Europe will continue to prevail,” said Laszlo Andor, social affairs commissioner.

Spanish joblessness was 21 per cent in June, the highest figure ever recorded in any eurozone country since the single currency was adopted in 1999. Youth unemployment stands at 45 per cent, according to the EU’s statistical arm.

Jose Luis Zapatero’s Socialist government first mooted the restrictions on July 28, on the eve of announcing early general elections to take place in November.

The Spanish need to simply look in the mirror on why there is massive unemployment.  The government has invited in nearly 6,000,000 foreigners to live and work in Spain.

A partial list of immigrants to Spain
  • 864,000   -   from Romania
  • 769,000   -   from Morocco
  • 390,000   -   from the United Kingdom
  • 360,000   -   from Equador
  • 272,000   -   from Columbia
  • 198,000   -   from Bolivia
  • 196,000   -   from Germany
  • 189,000   -   from Italy
  • 173,000   -   from Bulgaria
  • 167,000   -   from China

“This sends a clear political message to the electorate,” said Sergio Carrera, of the Center for European Policy Studies, a Brussels-based think-tank. “Labor market problems in Spain are caused by structural and institutional problems, not by Romanian workers.”

Muslim Immigrants in Spain protest against Israel.

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