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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Shock poll predicts Tories could LOSE their majority

Open Borders Wins

  • The fight is between the authoritarian open borders Conservatives or the authoritarian open borders Left.

(London Daily Mail)  -  Theresa May could lose her overall majority in next week's election, according to a shock new research.

The first constituency-by-constituency estimate of the result by YouGov suggests the Tories could lose 20 seats and Labour could gain 30.

It would mean the Conservatives falling short of an overall majority by 16.

This would be a catastrophic outcome for the Prime Minister, who called the election when the polls were massively in her favour.

Sheeple voters once again refuse to abandon the corrupt
open borders parties and vote for new parties.

YouGov is sticking by its controversial new modelling technique, despite sources in both main parties casting doubt on the findings.

The dramatic findings caused consternation in financial markets, with the pound losing ground against the US dollar and euro this morning. A solid Tory victory had previously been 'priced in' by traders, but polls have shown the race narrowing.

Mrs May has taken to repeatedly warning that if she loses just six seats, she would lose her majority - handing the keys of Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn.

The Conservatives' poll rating has fallen in recent days thanks to the unpopularity of the manifesto plans for social care. 

The PM's core offer of 'strong and stable' leadership was undermined when she was forced to respond to a backlash on curbs to winter fuel payments and higher social care costs - by announcing that care costs for pensioners will be capped.

Mrs May sought to play down anxieties over the survey today, saying the 'only poll that matters is the one that is going to take place on 8th June'.

'I have a plan for the Brexit negotiations but I have also got a plan to build a stronger and more prosperous Britain,' she said during a campaign visit to Plymouth.  

YouGov's model puts the Tories on course to win 310 seats - down from the 330 they had when the election was called.

Labour would get 257 - up from 229, while the Liberal Democrats would gain one to 10.

The modelling allows for big variations, suggesting the Tories could get as high as 345, up 15 - and as low as 274.

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If was British I would be a UKIP member.
But the Sheeple voters keep re-electing the same parties over and over while expecting a different result.

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really ... i think there the same poll that give victory to Labour Ed , and remain ...