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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, June 2, 2017

GOP Collusion with Democrat Traitors & other Horrors

Traitors, Scumbags and Whores Oh My
  • From going out of their way to hold Russia hearings to destroy Trump and protecting illegal treaties the bought off GOP works hand-in-hand with Democrats

By Gary;

Do any of you remember the GOP controlled Senate in 2016 doing or saying anything meaningful as Comrade Obama openly raped the Constitution, ignored the Senate and personally ratified the Paris Accord Treaty?

No.  Not a peep from these self professed "Constitution Loving" liars.

Then there was the corrupt and unconstitutional Obamatrade.

The bought and paid for GOP declared Obamatrade to be a "bill" to be passed by a simple majority rather than a treaty which requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

When Republican whores were not too busy defending Obamatrade for their Corporate Masters we saw them simultaneously hide the agreement from the public during an election year and prevent debate in Congress.

If it were not for the patriot Donald Trump we would have seen Obamatrade passed by the GOP Congress to be signed by President Hildabeast.

Then there is the Police State running wild.

The GOP simply cannot find enough cash to shovel into the unconstitutional 1984 Police Surveillance State system.  Even when the nominee of their own party is being spied on by the Police State we see no real outrage. . . . and the GOP Congress keeps the cash flowing.

President Trump is a man without a party. In fact, on many issues he is opposed by virtually the entire Congress which serves open borders Wall Street interests. Not the American people.


Paul Ryan is a Traitor says Alex Jones
This 2015 report on Obamatrade shows why the GOP 
hates Trump. He dared to kill their corrupt bill.

GOP Traitors
Screwing over American citizen workers with open borders and unconstitutional Obamatrade is what the modern Republican Party is all about.

New Police State Victim
British UKIP leader Nigel Farage is being investigated by the corrupt U.S. "intelligence" services for daring to talk with Russia.  I say we abolish the FBI, NSA and CIA and start over.
So while out idiots in the intelligence services work as political hitmen for the Golbalist Elites we see Muslim terrorist butchers ignored and allowed to kill all over the world.

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