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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Breitbart Editor Fired for Anti-Muslim Tweets After London Attack

Political Correctness Invades Breitbart

  • Breitbart has been hurt by Leftist attacks on its advertisers.  This firing looks to me like an attempt at "political correctness" and to present a more "moderate" image.
  • Here at The Federalist we are non-profit.  Pulling ads has no impact because we have none.  Now that does not mean I cannot be bought.  Give me my own Caribbean island and I'll back off on any number of issues.

(Newsweek)  -  A Breitbart editor has been sacked after posting anti-Muslim tweets following the London terror attack.
The editor, Katie McHugh, who previously worked at The Daily Caller, said in a tweet Monday that “Breitbart News fired me for telling the truth about Islam and Muslim immigration.”

McHugh was criticized for a tweet Saturday, in which she wrote "there would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn't live there."

In a statement posted on the site, McHugh was unrepentant.
“Breitbart News fired an editor for speaking frankly about Islam and Muslim immigration. If there were no Muslims in London, there would be no Muslim terror attacks, period,” she wrote.
“I said nothing wrong. As President Donald Trump says, if we don’t get smart, it will only get worse.”
McHugh’s colleagues at Breitbart joined criticism of her on Sunday, characterizing her remarks as  "appalling," "terrible," and "dumb" to CNN.

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Anonymous said...

Well ... a self evident truth ( or opinion ) is now a sin , punished by one way forced unemployment ...
She must go to courts ,even that chinese hawaiann one , or the Google city , from the travel ban , or at last , the supreme , and fight on the first ammend . basis defense to keep her job , and her freedom of speech ...

Gary said...

People have always hated the truth and they demand that the liars in government tell them sweet little lies.

Anonymous said...

no wonder ...
as Coronel Jessup said in the movie at GITMO
" you can`t handle the truth "
thats why someone think that that girl from the USAirForce leak those "Orange fascist" ... cannot handle those inteligence secrets ...

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