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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Muslim colonists attack Christian school children

Welcome to open borders Sweden

"Our children have become a minority and the principal said that's why it has become so messy as it is."

(Moonbattery)  -  The displacement of the Swedish population by Islamic welfare colonists has reached the point that it is no longer safe for Swedish children to attend school:
More and more parents keep their children home from school, after children have been abused by newly arrived immigrant students who attend the Central School in Kristianstad.
Looks like they may have to change the name of the town. Too bad Islamabad is already taken.
Children who are beaten, kicked, choked and suffer other degrading treatment – It has now become everyday life at the Central School in Kristianstad. The school has received a large number of new students from the recent asylum chaos … it is the newly arrived immigrant children who create the problems.

"We are afraid."
Swedish school children's desperate letter to the
principal, after being beaten at school.

You won’t need more than one guess as to whose side the educrats take.
The headmaster and teachers have urged the Swedish children to “walk away” if there are fights or conflict with immigrant children, a recipe that does not work.
Principal Annika Persson grudgingly met with parents to discuss the violent “refugee” children. She told them to be more understanding of immigrants, who may have traumatic backgrounds. No doubt many of them do, coming from lands populated by savages.
At the meeting, parents were told that 90–95% of school’s students are of foreign origin. The violence of the allegedly put-upon colonists was attributed to misunderstanding and cultural differences.
When parents balked at sending their children back into this jungle, they were reminded that keeping them out would violate the law.
Our children have become a minority and the principal said that's why it has become so messy as it is, says Malin.
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