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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Reform Party has taken over the GOP

The Impossible Happened
The People took the GOP over from 
the open borders special interests

By Gary;

Rush Limbaugh always said not to go third party but to take over the GOP from within.

Well a funny thing happened. The Reform Party took over the GOP from within.

In 1992 and 1996 Ross Perot's Reform Party campaigned on saving American jobs from moving to Mexico, building the military and balancing the budget.

The Reform Party was defeated by the bought and paid for open borders and big spending Democrats and Republicans.  The brainwashed Sheeple were hoodwinked, but seeds were planted for the future.

Slowly everything Perot warned us about has come true.  Working class and open minded Conservatives began to see Perot was right as open borders brought endless immigration to lower wages and the export of middle class jobs to Communist nations like China and Vietnam.

Since 1995 the GOP controlled Congress has refused to close the borders or prevent job loss.

The only "answer" Republicans have to job loss is cut taxes for the rich Wall Street interests who have bribed the party with campaign money to keep the borders open.  

Trump is hated by GOP office holders because in his heart he is NOT a Republican.  Trump is a true disciple of Ross Perot.

Voters will neither remember Perot, nor will they ever admit they have adopted his party platform. But the Reform Party is back and turning the Wall Street run GOP into a working man's party.

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Independent Conservatism
Donald Trump appears with Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura in 2000. 
Trump was considering a Reform Party bid for president.
The photo above says a lot about why I like an independent Donald Trump. I call myself a Conservative RINO. The open borders, big government loving GOP left me many years ago. Maybe The Donald can put the party back on the path of actually listening to the voters rather than Wall Street special interests.

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