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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Monday, June 20, 2016

Paul Ryan Is ‘Working for the Hillary Campaign’ - Tucker Carlson

The Bi-Partisan Oligarchs 
Want Trump to Lose
Close the borders? The "Conservative" GOP says a 
big Fuck You to the American people

Paul Ryan continued to knock Donald Trump on Saturday.
On Friday Speaker Ryan threatened to sue Donald Trump in court if he tried to impose a temporary ban on Muslim migration to America.
On Saturday the Wisconsin Republican told GOP lawmakers to “vote their conscience” on Donald Trump.
It was his latest slap in the face to record-setting Republican nominee.

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Paul Ryan: Hillary Clinton's Strongest Supporter on Capitol Hill

(Townhall)  -  After Donald Trump clinched the GOP presidential nomination, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was not satisfied. He spent weeks withholding his official endorsement, while preaching the need for “unity.”

After meeting with Trump a number of times, Ryan gave a very lukewarm endorsement of the businessman turned politician in his hometown newspaper. In an editorial for the Janesville Gazette, Ryan wrote that Trump would be able to work with Congress to “help improve people’s lives.”

Soon thereafter, Ryan was stabbing Trump in the back, doing the bidding of the liberal media and Hillary Clinton. In fact, Ryan is being more helpful to Hillary Clinton than any Democrat on Capitol Hill. Right after endorsing Trump, Ryan told the Associated Press that he hopes the campaign “improves its tone.”

Instead, Ryan should have been criticizing the “tone” of protesters who burn the American flag, as well as taunt and punch innocent Trump supporters at the candidate’s rallies. Unfortunately, Ryan has been silent about those brutal attacks on the 1st Amendment rights of Trump supporters. He is much more interested in damaging the presidential chances of the maverick GOP businessman.

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The 2016 Election
There are only two choices on the ballot: Trump and the Big Government loving Republicrat Party. 
Even if Trump wins you peasants will have no representation in Congress. The whore politicians have been bought and paid for long ago.

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