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Friday, June 3, 2016

Anti-Immigration Environmental Group Behind Paul Ryan Attack Ad

Open Borders Paul Ryan
If Republicans had any balls they would defeat 
this open borders shit-stain

(Washington Free Beacon)  -  A dark money group that blends environmentalism, population control advocacy, and anti-immigrant sentiment is running attack ads against House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Republican’s district.
The group, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), is currently running ads in Milwaukee attacking Ryan for his position on “mass immigration.” It also established a website spotlighting the ad and accusing Ryan of “giving away the American dream.”
The high-profile race has thrust immigration, a Trump campaign pillar, into the contest for Wisconsin’s first congressional district.

Save The American Dream

A rather light attack ad on open borders Paul Ryan.
Personally I would be ripping him to shreds.

The CAPS ad illuminates a frequently overlooked connection between environmental and anti-immigration policies and the activists behind them. The group is one of several advancing restrictive immigration policies under the banner of conservation and natural resource preservation.
The group is run by California academics and environmentalists—its chairman holds a leadership position in a Bay Area chapter of the Sierra Club—but it melds concern about climate change and other environmental issues with a deep hostility to immigration and overpopulation.
The group “advocates slowing mass immigration to more sustainable levels and a deliberate approach to family size,” its website says. “It’s our government’s irresponsible immigration policy that to this day continues to import millions of people with little to no regard” for its financial or environmental impacts.
Nehlen For Congress Against Ryan
Defeat Ryan at all costs

The ad in Wisconsin features Frank Morris, the executive director of the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies and the former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.
“Some call Americans who oppose mass immigration racist. I fought for civil rights all my life and I oppose mass immigration,” Morris says. “Wanting what’s fair for Americans isn’t racist, it’s common sense.”
The ad does not mention Ryan by name, but it shows an image of the House Speaker as Morris says, “it’s time our leaders use some common sense and stood up for us.”
According to ad buy data filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the CAPS ad has been airing in Milwaukee since the middle of May on local and national ABC-affiliated news programs.
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