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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Facebook's Zuckerberg builds wall around estate; Condemns Trump for wall building

Zuckerberg's wall

Walls for Billionaires 
but not for common people
  • Leftist Zillionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg attacked Trump for daring to try and protect America's border with a wall.  
  • Meanwhile hypocrite Zuckerberg protects the borders to his property with a wall.

(TMZ)  -  Mark Zuckerberg's 6' stone wall around his $100 million Kauai property has blocked out the Pacific Ocean to neighbors ... some of whom are livid.
The Facebook founder bought the 750-acre estate in 2014 and now wants to shore it up, but a 5'8" neighbor for one is furious, because now she can't see water.
Some neighbors claim they've tried reaching out to Zuckerberg, to no avail.
TMZ contacted the zoning department in the area and we were told no one has lodged a formal complaint and there is no investigation.
We contacted someone from the Planning Dept. and turns out Zuck has every right to build a 6' wall if he wants ... and he wants.
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