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Monday, June 27, 2016

Famine comes to Communist Venezuela

Vice News Screenshot

Communist Created Starvation 
in Venezuela

Venezuelans are lining up to validate their signatures on a recall referendum for President Maduro. Among the reasons for Maduro's unpopularity is that more and more people are starting to wonder where their next meal is coming from. 

These days, those who have enough Venezuelan currency (now trading at 1,000 bolivars to the dollar on the black market) to buy food often have a hard time finding any.

Must See Video
Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages.
Frozen fish heads for average citizens, but meat is
given to Socialist Party members.

This is from February this year:
AT 9.30am on a Thursday six Venezuelans wait for a guided tour of the former military museum that is now the mausoleum of Hugo Chávez, the country’s populist president of 1999-2013. Across the road around 120 people are queuing for food at government-controlled prices from a state-run supermarket. The food queue starts at 3am. “Sometimes there’s food and sometimes there isn’t,” one would-be shopper says.
This is from this weekend:
Venezuela: mass famine is imminent due to the Chávez-Maduro regime’s destruction of the productive economy. 
A humanitarian crisis, the likes of which have never been seen in the Western Hemisphere, is brewing in Venezuela and it will be inevitable in a few weeks.
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