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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Paul Ryan: "Let's keep importing Muslims"

100% Pure Press Release Bullshit
“While we must learn more about the attacker, the victims & families will not be forgotten.”
Speaker Paul Ryan

As usual the open borders Republican Party is silent about their funding and approval of the massive importation of Muslims into the United States.

The Donald is virtually the only politician to speak up, and that is because he is not really a Republican. Trump is an independent populist Conservative.  The "real Conservatives" in the GOP fully fund open borders.

(Breitbart News)  -  Ryan’s office has not answered a detailed set of questions from Breitbart News all day Sunday. The questions specifically focus on whether Ryan will continue using Americans’ taxpayer dollars to fund Muslim refugee resettlement in America, whether Ryan thinks Muslims should be allowed to continue coming to America in such high numbers, and whether he thinks it is acceptable that President Barack Obama is continuing to refuse to call this radical Islamic terrorism—or if Ryan thinks the president should face consequences, up to and including his immediate resignation from office.
Specifically, the three questions Ryan’s office is refusing to answer are:
1.) Will Speaker Ryan immediately pull all funding for Muslim refugee resettlement in America?
2.) Does Speaker Ryan think America should allow any Muslims to continue immigrating into America after this terrorist attack?
3.) Since President Obama is still refusing to call this radical Islamic terrorism, Donald Trump is calling for the president to immediately resign from the White House. Does Speaker Ryan agree or should President Obama yet again be allowed to keep ignoring the threat and face no consequences?
Ryan, of course, as Speaker has facilitated the taxpayer funding of Muslim refugee resettlement and has been publicly clear that he does not agree with billionaire real estate developer and 2016 GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump’s plans for a temporary ban on Muslim entry into America. 
Trump, on the other hand, has doubled down in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack in support of a Muslim ban—and has also called on President Obama to resign his office immediately over Obama’s refusal to call radical Islamic terrorism what it is.
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