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Sunday, March 6, 2016

TRUMP on CRUZ Winning Maine: “He Should Have Done Well, It’s Very Close to Canada”

Ted Cruz the Opportunist

  • My gut feeling is Ted Cruz a phony "Conservative" who will do anything to advance himself.  
  • Cruz licked the boots of Obama and the open borders TPP crowd until the Presidential debates started.
  • Breitbart points out that in 2013 Senator Ted Cruz proposed amendments quintupling H-1B vistas from 65,000 to 325,000 people per year. In addition, the New York Times reports Cruz proposed increasing the number of green cards from 675,000 to 1.35 million annually.

Donald Trump congratulated Ted Cruz on his win today in the closed Maine primary adding,
“He should have done well, it’s so close to Canada.”
Trump then called on Marco Rubio to get out of the race.
“It’s time.”

Thanks to The Gateway Pundit

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