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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Paul Ryan: "F*** You to Trump and the voters"

GOP Oligarchs Give The Finger to Voters

  • GOP frontrunner Donald Trump met with Republican leaders in Washington.  Missing in action: scum bags Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell
  • These hacks live to attend meetings, but refused to make time for Trump even though former House Speakers Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston had no problem attending.

(Las Vegas Review-Journal)  -  Donald Trump’s campaign entered a new phase Monday as he went to Washington to prove that he’s more than a rabble-rousing outsider.
The billionaire businessman, who built his campaign eviscerating Washington, met with a group of high-profile Republicans in the afternoon in an apparent attempt to improve his tense relations with the party.
The GOP meeting was facilitated by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has endorsed the GOP front-runner. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, a former congressional leader, were at the gathering.
Livingston said outside the meeting that party unity was crucial and that Republicans should unite behind Trump to thwart a Hillary Clinton presidency.
“It’s a good reason for them to unify and get behind Donald Trump and let’s have a victory this time around,” he said.
“I am really, really irritated by these people who think they are smarter than the American people. The American people are expressing themselves loudly in just about every state, most of the primaries and he’s getting most of the votes,” Livingston said. “And for me that’s very, very important. I want to see the American people heard and I want to see Donald Trump president.”
Other lawmakers at the meeting included Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Tom Marino of Pennsylvania, Duncan Hunter of California, Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee and Renee Elmers of North Carolina. But most of the lawmakers who were there had already backed Trump in the race and top party leaders did not attend.
“He’s clearly the front-runner,” DesJarlais said as he entered the meeting. “In my district in Tennessee, he won almost 50 percent of the vote. I think he has the clearest path to the nomination and it only makes sense that he unify the party and get people behind him.”
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The Peasants are Revolting
The corrupt GOP Elites want your vote ONLY IF you know your place and vote for their hand picked lackeys.  If you dare to start thinking for yourself the Elites will declare your vote void.

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