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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence in the Bahamas

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I don't think I am a stalker

  • Does having a candle lit shrine to Jennifer Lawrence in my extra bedroom make me a stalker?  I don't think so.  I mean, doesn't everyone?  But I just couldn't pass up these paparazzi pics.

(London Daily Mail)  -  The Oscar-winning actress rocked a skimpy two-piece as she enjoyed a getaway in The Bahamas on Friday, swigging beer and diving in the ocean's blue warm waters.

Jennifer, 25, was spotted hanging out on the back of a boat bobbing on the water before donning a snorkel to go looking for Conch, a local sea snail delicacy. 

Jennifer then rinsed her mouth out with the beer before spitting it into the sea.

The star of The Hunger Games wore a dark blue bikini patterned with flowers that revealed her enviable cleavage and toned limbs. The bikini top had string fastenings while the bottoms sported bows at the hip.

The fun-loving star left her short blonde locks loose and showed off her natural beauty with no makeup for her adventurous day at sea.

The fearless actress had no qualms about diving straight into the water from a platform at the back of the boat and proudly showed off her catch once she'd retrieved it from the sandy ocean floor.

She was also spotted cooling off under a shower on board, with the help of a male pal. 

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How do I apply for this job?

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