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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“Allah Told Me to Come Here and Kill People”

The Religion of Peace™

(Gates of Vienna)  -  As reported in last night’s news feed, a man walked into an armed forces recruiting center in Toronto and stabbed two soldiers. He was subdued by six or eight other soldiers before he could stab anyone else.

I’m pleased to report that the incident is now known to have a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%. However, it’s still quite possible that the alleged crime had traces of cultural enrichment, since the suspected assailant is named Ayanie (or “Ayanle”) Hassan Ali. None of the reports refers to the fellow’s ethnicity — he is in fact a “Québécois”, since he was born in Montreal — but judging by his photo, he appears to be a Somali.
Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders hastened to admonish the public not to engage in Islamophobic thinking concerning the incident: “One of the things I want to be very careful of when it comes to the national security piece that we don’t go do that Islamaphobia nonsense.”
And quite rightly. The fact that the young miscreant invoked the name of Allah is nothing more than a data point. The investigation is still in its early stages. We need to learn a lot more about this youngster before we make any judgments. Let’s wait for an evaluation by the mental health professionals.
And, in the meantime, what if some other mischievous youth attacks non-Muslims with a sharp implement while yelling about “Allah”? No, it’s still too early. We need more data points.
How about a dozen more such attacks? No.
A hundred? A thousand? No.
Even then it would still be Islamophobia to make any judgments. And it will remain Islamophobia right up until the day when CBC announcers begin their nightly TV newscast with the words: “In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful…”
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