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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Troops sent to border to stop illegal alien Muslims

The Hungarian government is ready to build new fences
to protect the country's borders

Hungarians Defend Their Borders
While Obama Golfs

(UK Express)  -  A MIGRATION emergency has been declared by the Hungarian government which has sent thousands of soldiers and police officers to the border over fears of escalating violence.

Budapest has even revealed it is considering building a third wall to defend its borders.
The state claims its migrant camps on the edge of the territory are full with around 10,000 refugees already in the country.
The delcaration of a crisis situation comes after the Balkan routes were closed for migrants, while Slovenia declared it was bringing in stricter checks on those heading from the Middle East and Africa. 
Hungary’s minister of Interior, Sandor Pinter, said: “We don't know how the migrants will react after closing the Balkan routes.”
He added: “1,500 troops from the army are taking part in this action, so if the migrants would appear at the borders, we will be able to stop them.
“We have funding to send the troops there and we have a budget of 7.3 million Forints (£180,000) to build new routes, if we need to.”
He said they can also build a fence on the Romanian-Hungary border in 10 days, if needed. 
The central European nation has already built fences on its borders with Serbia and Croatia.
Expanding on the migration crisis, Pinter said there are 10,000 people without residence permits in the countries have been recently closed down. 
He said: “We don't know which direction are they heading, so we will have to be prepared to be able to protect our borders.”
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Open Borders America
Riding an Elephant Across the Rio Grande

  • 2006 Flashback  -  Open borders under George Bush.  Raj Peter Bhakta was a contestant on the second season of Donald Trump's reality show The Apprentice. As a GOP candidate for Congress Raj rode an elephant across the Rio Grande with a mariachi band playing. No one stopped him.
  • The open borders Bush and GOP Congress did not give a damn then and they condemn Trump now for wanting to secure our border.

The wide open Rio Grande
Come on in, the water is fine

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