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Monday, March 7, 2016

Glenn Beck: 'Trump Is Adolf Hitler'

Beck Plays the Hitler Card

  • People who do not have a real argument usually scream "racism" or "Hitler".  Glenn Beck has been swimming in the shallow end of that gene pool for some time now.

(Daily Caller)  -  Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler during an interview Sunday with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

Beck argued, “The GOP has one last chance to listen to the people. And the people that, and I understand it, they’re very, very angry because the GOP did not listen the first time around. They didn’t listen to the Ron Paul people who are way ahead of the curve. Then the Tea Party people and they rubbed our nose in it. And they are tired. And they have created Donald Trump.”

“The people are speaking clearly. And there’s two ways to go: anger and nationalism, which has been done before in history,” Beck said. “And you can go for nationalism, you can go for anger–” has been done before in history.”

Noting that Beck held up a sign with German writing on it, Stephanopoulos interjected, “Whoa– Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler?”
“If you look what’s happening with Donald Trump and his playing to the lowest common denominator and to the anger in us,” Beck said. “[W]e look at Adolf Hitler in 1940. We should look at him in 1929. He was a kind of funny, kind of character that said the things people were thinking. Where Donald Trump takes it, I have absolutely no idea. But, Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things he’s been saying.”
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Glenn Beck's Gifts to Illegals
Least we forget.  Glenn Beck organized volunteers to create gift bags containing food, water, a soccer ball and a stuffed animal for illegal immigrant children the border in McAllen, Texas July 19, 2014. (Photo: Mike Opelka/TheBlaze)

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