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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Of Pizza Delivery Robots and Terminators

Pizza delivery robot that is being trialed in New Zealand.

Terminators and Pizza Robots

  • They put a nice face on Terminator robots who are putting humans out of jobs. They are "harmless".  See them deliver pizza.  But the factories who are developing pizza robots are also building Terminators for the military.  Someday a robot will be delivering a bullet in the head instead of a pizza.

Finally, we’re one step closer to getting pizza in our mouths without the need for any human interaction.

Domino’s has announced they’re trialing a new way to deliver pizza to people’s doors in New Zealand: a cute little pizza delivering robot called DRU (a Domino Robotic Unit).

Domino’s says DRU can do all the stuff a human pizza driver can (apart from offer comfort if you open the door sobbing). It can follow a map, navigate streets and roads, and avoid any obstacles.

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